Wog's Grand Page Of MUF Code

Should you have problems/updates/etc. with any of these programs you can contact Wog on one of the many MUCKs he's on or you can email Wog's player at car@cs.brown.edu. Beware, all these programs are distrubuted without any warrenty.

Distrubution Information

All MUF code distrubuted on this page is distrubuted under the terms of the GNU Public License.

Recent Updates

17 Jan 2007: Fix security flaw where hand.muf would let one hand exits to people. (Thanks to Drake.) Note that the version of my hand program distributed with a FuzzBall 6 starter DB (modifications by Natasha@HLM) was not vulnerable.

13 May 2006: Fix freespoof bug with puppets in ansi-pose (both versions).

11 Sep 2003: Fixed typo in ansi-pose's FB6 version. Thanks to Kaije@SPR.

1 Aug 2003: Fixed bugs in FB6-color version of teleport and removed teleports macro dependencies.

Mar 16, 2001: Modified all install scripts to try to set the VIEWABLE flag. (If the MUCK does not support it, this should just create a harmless error message and no odd VEHICLE flag set on programs.) Also corrected bad, stupid, silly typo about the past three entries here being in 2001.

The Proggies

Most of these proggies are distrubuted as /quote-able install scripts.