Brown CS Content Curators

These individuals are responsible for producing high-quality content for the Brown CS social media presence and integrating it with our web presence. This list is a living document, updated as needed when new roles are created, deleted, or modified, and also when people enter Brown CS, leave Brown CS, or change roles.

Curator List (Area Of Responsibility: Name)

Alums: Aisha Ferrazares, Neal Poole, Indy Prentice

AStaff: Jesse C. Polhemus

Center for Computational Molecular Biology: Nathaniel Gill

Consultants: Andrew Harpin, Ping Hu

Diversity: Amy Greenwald

DUG: Harsha Yeddanapudy

Faculty: Shriram Krishnamurthi

Hack@Brown: Pato Ricaud

Industrial Partners Program: Lauren Clarke

Master's Students: Paige Selby

PhD Students:

TStaff: Mark Dieterich

Undergraduate Research: Meta URAs (Chloe Kliman-Silver, Surbhi Madan

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants: MTAs (Emma Herold, Eli Rosenthal)

WiCS: Julia Wu