Ben Greenman, Ph.D.
  CIFellows postdoc at Brown mentored by Shriram Krishnamurthi.
  orcid 0001-0001-7078-9287

Research interests:   programming languages, gradual and migratory type systems, language interoperability, formal methods, human factors.

Q. How to effectively combine high-assurance code and low-assurance code?

In a perfect world, all sorts of code would be able to interoperate: formally-verified code, exploratory scripts, legacy tools, generic utilites, etc. We're not there yet! The problem is the boundaries. In order to create a mix that preserves guarantees and flexibility, we need to either validate the boundaries to low-assurace code ahead of time (very very difficult in general) or check them at run time (very expensive). Neither option is a clear winner. The challenge is thus to find effective tradeoffs in a complex space. The key to success is to develop rigorous methods to assess guarantees, measure performance, and evaluate usability.

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 Alexandria, VA   [UTC-0400] build:k

  Ph.D. at Northeastern advised by Matthias Felleisen,
  M.Eng. in CS at Cornell advised by Ross Tate,
  B.S. in ILR at Cornell.

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