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SKETCH: An Interface for Sketching 3D Scenes

Robert C. Zeleznik,
Kenneth P. Herndon and John F. Hughes
Brown University site of
the NSF Science and Technology Center
for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization

PO Box 1910, Providence, RI 02912


Sketching communicates ideas rapidly through approximate visual images with low overhead (pencil and paper), no need for precision or specialized knowledge, and ease of low-level correction and revision. In contrast, most 3D computer modeling systems are good at generating arbitrary views of precise 3D models and support high-level editing and revision. The SKETCH application described in this paper attempts to combine the advantages of each in order to create an environment for rapidly conceptualizing and editing approximate 3D scenes. To achieve this, SKETCH uses simple non-photorealistic rendering and a purely gestural interface based on simplified line drawings of primitives that allows all operations to be specified within the 3D world.

Keywords: Interaction Techniques, 3D Modeling, Gestural Interface, Direct Manipulation, Sketching, Nonphotorealistic Rendering

CR Categories: I.3.8. [Computer Graphics]: Applications; I.3.6. [Computer Graphics]: Methodology and Techniques -- Interaction Techniques