Dr. Andries van Dam

Curriculum Vitae

Thomas J. Watson, Jr., University Professor of Technology and Education
and Professor of Computer Science
Brown University, Providence, RI 02912
phone: (401) 863-7640, fax: (401) 863-7657
email: avd@cs.brown.edu
Andries van Dam has been on Brown University's faculty since 1965, and was one of the Department's founders and its first Chairman, from 1979 to 1985. He is also director of the NSF Science and Technology Center for Graphics and Visualization, a research consortium including Brown University, California Institute of Technology, Cornell University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Utah.

His research has concerned computer graphics, 3D interaction techniques, and hypermedia systems. He has been working for nearly thirty years on systems for creating and reading electronic books with interactive illustrations, based on high-resolution interactive graphics systems. Most recently, he has been concerned with teaching object-oriented programming and design with Java as an introductory computer science course.

Professor van Dam received the B.S. degree with Honors from Swarthmore College in 1960 and the M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1963 and 1966, respectively. A member of Sigma Xi, IEEE Computer Society, and ACM, he helped to found and was an editor of Computer Graphics and Image Processing from 1971 to 1981, and was an editor of ACM's Transactions on Graphics from 1981 to 1986. He became a member of the Editorial Board of the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics in 1995.

In 1966, Professor van Dam co-founded ACM SIGGRAPH , which has since become the computer graphics industry's premier conference and tradeshow. The widely used reference book Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics, co-authored with J.D. Foley, was published by Addison-Wesley in 1982; the greatly expanded successor, Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, co-authored with J.D. Foley, S.K. Feiner, and J.F. Hughes, was published in June of 1990. An undergraduate version, by the same four authors and D. Phillips, Introduction to Computer Graphics, was published in 1993. Van Dam has authored or coauthored over 80 papers.

In 1974, Professor van Dam received the Society for Information Display's Special Recognition Award, and in 1984 the IEEE Centennial Medal. In 1988, he received the State of Rhode Island Governor's Science and Technology Award, and in 1990 he received the National Computer Graphics Association's Academic Award. In July 1991, he received SIGGRAPH's Steven A. Coons Award. In May 1992, Brown University named him to the L. Herbert Ballou University Professor Chair, and in March of 1995 to the Thomas J. Watson, Jr., University Professor of Technology and Education Chair. In 1994, he received the Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award, the IEEE Fellow Award and the ACM Fellow Award. In December of 1995 he received an honorary Ph.D. from Darmstadt Technical University in Germany, and in June of 1996 he received an honorary Ph.D. from his alma mater , Swarthmore College.

Recent Consultancies

1985-1987 Chairman, Computing Research Association
1996- Chairman of the Board and Member of the Technical Advisory Board, Numinous Technologies, Inc.
1990- Co-founder, Chief Scientist, and Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board, Electronic Book Technologies
1996- Member, Technical Advisory Board, Integrated Computing Engines, Inc. (ICE)
1993- Member, Technical Advisory Board, Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics, Inc.
1992- Member, Technical Advisory Board, and Consultant, Microsoft Corporation

Selected Research Publications

"Computer-Driven Displays and Their Use in Man/Machine Interaction," in Advances in Computers, Academic Press (1966).
"A Hypertext Editing System for the /360" (with S. Carmody, T. Gross, T. Nelson and D. Rice), in Proceedings Conference in Computer Graphics, University of Illinois (1969).
"An Introduction to Interactive Computer Graphics," in Proceedings Delft Symposium on Interactive Computer Graphics (October 1970).
"Status Report of the Graphics Standards Planning Committee of ACM SIGGRAPH (Part II: General Methodology and Proposed Standard)" (with D. Bergeron, J. Foley, P. Bono, I. Carlbom, T. Dreisbach, J. Michener and E. Sonderegger), in Proceedings ACM SIGGRAPH 77, San Jose, California (July 1977).
"A Brief History of Efforts Towards Graphics Standardization" (with W. Newman), in ACM Computing Surveys (December 1978) (special issue on Computer Graphics, guest editor with D. Bergeron and J. Foley).
"Summary of Functional Capabilities of the Core Graphics System" (with J. Michener), in ACM Computing Surveys (December 1978) (special issue on Computer Graphics, guest editor with D. Bergeron and J. Foley).
"Graphics Standards and Standard Packages," in Proceedings SEAS Spring Technical Meeting, Nijmegen, Netherlands (April 1979).
"An Experimental System for Creating and Presenting Interactive Graphical Documents" (with S. Feiner), in ACM Transactions on Graphics (1982).
"An Interview with Andries van Dam," in Communications of the ACM 27 (7) (1984).
"PHIGS+ Functional Description," Report of PHIGS+ Committee, A. van Dam, chairman, in Computer Graphics (July 1988).
"Hypertext '87 Keynote Address," in Communications of the ACM (July, 1988).
"An Object-Oriented Framework for the Integration of Interactive Animation Techniques" (with R. Zeleznik, D. Brookshire Conner, M. Wloka, D. Aliaga, N. Huang, P. Hubbard, B. Knep, H. Kaufman, and J. Hughes), in SIGGRAPH '91.
"Three-dimensional Widgets" (with D. Brookshire Conner, Scott S. Snibbe, Kenneth P. Herndon, Daniel C. Robbins, Roberts C. Zeleznik), in Proceedings of the 1992 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, edited by Ed Catmull and Mark Levoy (April 1992).
"Using Deformations to Explore 3D Widget Design" (with Scott S. Snibbe, Kenneth P. Herndon, Daniel C. Robbins, D. Brookshire Conner), in SIGGRAPH '92.
"VR as a Forcing Function: Software Implications of a New Paradigm" invited Keynote IEEE Symposium on Virtual Reality, San Jose, CA (October 1993).
"The Challenges of 3D Interactions, CHI '94 Workshop" (with Kenneth Herndon, Michael Gleicher), CHI Bulletin '94, (October 1994).

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