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A New Brown CS Program: Researching Socially-Responsible AI With Students From HUGs

Click the links that follow for more news about diversity and inclusion at Brown CS, our Socially Responsible Computing program, Amy Greenwald, Jeff Huang, Daniel Ritchie, or James Tompkin.

At Brown CS and around the globe, interest in AI and related topics is soaring. CSCI 1470 Deep Learning, only a few years old, today has ...

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Brown CS Alum's Charity Gives K-12 Teachers A Second Monitor To Help During COVID

Click the links that follow for more news about COVID-19, our pioneering alums, outreach to schools in the Providence area, and socially responsible computing.

In the middle of a pandemic, some Brown CS alums found a new opportunity to give back. 

Inspired by a neighbor who bought a second monitor to help his mother teach ...

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