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Click the link that follows for more news about Amy Greenwald and other recent accomplishments by our faculty.

“A mechanism is essentially a game,” says Professor Amy Greenwald of Brown CS, “and the mechanism design problem is to design a game such that strategic play leads to a desirable outcome.”

In a recent Keynote address ...

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Watch A Recording Of The Brown CS Town Hall (Brown Login Required)

Last night, the Brown CS community started the semester with a virtual town hall where students learned about upcoming events and deadlines, met new faculty members who talked about the latest courses they’ll be teaching, found out more about research opportunities, and had questions answered.

You can watch a recording here (Brown login required ...

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Andrea Greene-Horace And Yanling He Win NextGen Scholarships

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Two students from Brown University, Andrea Greene-Horace and Yanling He, have just received the CrowdStrike Foundation's NextGen Scholarship, which supports the development of the next generation of talent and leadership in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. No more than six of these scholarships ...

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