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Archive – November 2019

R. Iris Bahar Delivers A Keynote Address At The International Green And Sustainable Computing Conference


“Energy efficiency is now a critically important design constraint for most computing systems today,” says Professor R. Iris Bahar of Brown CS, “and as applications become more and more memory- and compute-intensive, energy-efficiency and reliability become harder to manage.”In a recent keynote address (“Energy-efficient and Sustainable Computing Across the Hardware/Software …

Jiwon Choe Wins The Memsys Best Student Presentation Award


Brown CS PhD student Jiwon Choe has just won the Best Student Presentation Award for her presentation “Attacking Memory-Hard Scrypt with Near-Data-Processing” (co-authored with Brown CS Professors Maurice Herlihy and R. Iris Bahar and Boston University Professor Tali Moreshet) at the International Symposium on Memory Systems (MEMSYS ‘19). Held recently …