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Department of Computer Science Celebrates the Class of 2008


    At Brown University's 240th Commencement exercises on Sunday, May 25, 2008, the Computer Science Department awarded 30 Master of Science degrees and 12 Ph.Ds. In addition, 48 bachelor's degrees were conferred in the department's 29th year. Chair Roberto Tamassia, who completed his 20th academic year as a faculty member at Brown, said, "I offer my sincerest congratulations to those students who received their degrees. It was a pleasure having all of you as part of the computer science `family' here at Brown, and we look forward to watching you succeed."

    The graduates are:

    A.B. Computer Science:

    Marshall C. Agnew, Jacob P. Baskin (magna cum laude, Honors), Michael A. Bosworth, Dilyana D. Dimitrova, Joshua B. Feintuch, Michael T. Fredrickson (magna cum laude, Senior Prize), Jason E. Townes French, Gianna M. Giancarlo, Patrick T. Ramsey, Ian J. Sherman and Kyle J. Warren

    Sc.B. Computer Science:

    Stephen D. Barlow, Alexander Bromfield (magna cum laude, Senior Prize with Distinction), Matthew J. Cannizzaro, Andrew C. Chin, Jeffrey S. Cohen, Adam C. Conrad, Samuel C. Cunningham (Honors), Joseph C. Cutler, Brandon T. Diamond (magna cum laude, Honors), Tatyana V. Dyshlova, Sarah C. Eisenstat (magna cum laude, Senior Prize with Distinction), Lian R. Garton (Honors, Senior Prize [S.C. Lamport Award]), Olin B. Gay, Colin S. Gordon (Honors, Senior Prize with Distinction), Daniel B. Kuebrich (magna cum laude), Nong Li (Senior Prize), Tara F. Olson, Michael J. Papale (magna cum laude), Lincoln J. Quirk (Honors), Jonathan C. Rhone, Sean M. Smith and Owen J. Strain (magna cum laude)

    Sc.B. Math-Computer Science:

    Jonathan J. Cannon (magna cum laude), Yee Cheng Chin, David A Hirshberg, Jonathan B. Natkins, Aurojit Panda (Honors), Douglas C. Rapp and Daniel T. Winograd-Court (Honors)

    Sc.B. Applied Math-Computer Science:

    Sarah M. Filman (magna cum laude, Senior Prize), Young Hwan Kim and Alexander W. Weiss (magna cum laude, Senior Prize)

    A.B. Computer Science-Economics:

    David M. Bloom

    Sc.B. Computational Biology:

    Serena Dollive, Peter H. Goldstein and Brendan M. Hickey

    Sc.B. in Computer Science and A.B. in Economics:

    Itay Neeman (magna cum laude, Senior Prize)

    Sc.M. Computer Science:

    Mert Akdere, Korhan Bircan, Ryan A. Boller, Andrew Bragdon, Mark J. Buller, Jesse Eric Butterfield, Matt Fuller, David Grabiner, Arjun Guha, Yongxing Guo, Kris Jordan, Crystal Louise Kahn, Sangjin Kim, Hideaki Kimura, Mykhaylo Kostandov, Kian Huat (Eric) Lam, Matthew Loper, Christopher Michael Maloney, Eric McCorkle, Jadrian J. Miles, Matthew Mursko, Aaron T. Myers, Long Nguyen, Jason Pacheco, Justin W. Palmer, Anna Macklin Ritz, Jonas N. Schwertfeger, Joshua Strater, Seth Syberg and Aggeliki Tsoli

    Ph.D. Computer Science:

    Daniel Acevedo Feliz, Mira Belenkiy, Glencora Boradaille, Lijuan Cai, Melissa Erin Chase, Gregory Cooper, Guy Eddon, Casey Marks, Lucia Draque Penso Rautenbach, Leonid Sigal, Dana Tenneson and Danfeng Yao