ACM Computing Surveys
Hypertext and Hypermedia Symposium

W Index

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
  hypertext standards
     XLink; [DeRose 1999a]
     XPath; [DeRose 1999a]
     XPointer; [DeRose 1999a]
  recommendations; [Hardman 1999a]
  Synchronized Multimedia working group
     SMIL history and recommendations, [Hoschka 1997] bibliographic reference; [Hardman 1999a]
     SMIL history and recommendations, [Hoschka 1998] bibliographic reference; [Hardman 1999a]
  [W3C 1998a] bibliographic reference; [Davis 1999a]
  [W3C 1998b] bibliographic reference; [Davis 1999a]
  XML Information Set Working Group, [Cowan 1999] bibliographic reference; [DeRose 1999a]
  XML Linking working group, goals and approaches; [DeRose 1999a]
  XML working draft, [Cowan 1999] bibliographic reference; [DeRose 1999a]
Walker, Janet
  bibliographic references, [Walker 1999]; [Bernstein 1999]
Walker, John
  transpointing window implementation; [Nelson 1999k]
Wallace, N.
  bibliographic references, [McCall 1990]; [Wiil 1999c]
Wan, J.
  bibliographic references, [Bieber 1994]; [Reich 1999a]
Wang, W.
  bibliographic references, [Rada 1993]; [Tudhope 1999]
Wantz, L.
  bibliographic references, [Wantz 1997]; [Bodner 1999a]
  as pragmatic link, in Baron's taxonomy; [Kopak 1999]
Wäsch, Jurgen
  bibliographic references, [Bapat 1996]; [Wiil 1999c]
Wasserman, S.
  bibliographic references, [Wasserman 1994]; [Kleinberg 1999], [Chakrabarti 1999d]
Waterworth, John A.
  bibliographic references
     [Chignell 1991]; [Wilkinson 1999]
     [Waterworth 1991]; [Bodner 1999a]
Watson, H.
  bibliographic references, [Mayes 1988]; [Quentin-Baxter 1999]
  as WWW engineering initiative; [Rossi 1999]
  See Also pioneer projects
  authoring, query-based dynamic hypertext use with; [Bodner 1999a]
  in hypertext support of software engineering; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
Weal, M.
  bibliographic references, [Dobie 1999]; [Lewis 1999]
Web Forager
  as Web-based spatial hypertext, [Card 1996] bibliographic reference; [Shipman 1999a]
Web Squirrel
  as Web-based spatial hypertext, [Bernstein 1996] bibliographic reference; [Shipman 1999a]
Web workspaces
  spatial hypertext contribution to; [Shipman 1999a]
  educational microworlds, Exploratories project development of; [van Dam 1999]
  interaction, Where Have You Been From Here? Trails in Hypertext Systems; [Reich 1999a]
  services, Adaptive Hypermedia: From Systems to Framework; [De Bra 1999]
Webber, R.
  bibliographic references, [Blustein 1997]; [Furner 1999]
  as 3D WWW visualization technique; [Mukherjea 1999]
  as bookmark manager; [Benford 1999]
  [Card 1996] bibliographic reference; [Mukherjea 1999]
  as information exploration system; [Mukherjea 1999]
  [Maarek 1997] bibliographic reference; [Mukherjea 1999]
WebDAV standard
  bibliographic references, [WebDAV 1999]; [Vitali 1999a]
  versioning concerns, [Slein 1998] bibliographic reference; [Vitali 1999]
Weber, G.
  bibliographic references, [Brusilovsky 1996b]; [De Bra 1999]
  as bookmark manager; [Benford 1999]
  as WWW database backend system; [Li 1999]
  as 3D visualization of browsing history, [Frécon 1998] bibliographic reference; [Benford 1999]
  [Frécon 1998] bibliographic reference; [Benford 1999]
WebQuery system
  [Carriere 1997] bibliographic reference; [Mukherjea 1999]
  as search plus visualization technique; [Mukherjea 1999]
  Web path identification use; [Li 1999]
  of hubs and authorities, representation of hub/authority relationship; [Kleinberg 1999]
Weinberg, B. H.
  bibliographic references, [Weinberg 1997]; [Treloar 1999]
Weinstein, P.
  bibliographic references, [Weinstein 1998]; [Tudhope 1999]
Weiser, Mark
  bibliographic references, [Trigg 1986]; [Tudhope 1999]
Westfechtel, B.
  bibliographic references, [Conradi 1998]; [Vitali 1999]
Westland, J. C.
  bibliographic references, [Westland 1991]; [Furner 1999]
"Where Have You Been From Here? Trails in Hypertext Systems"; [Reich 1999a]
Whitehead, E. James Jr.
  bibliographic references
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     [Slein 1997]; [Vitali 1999]
     [Whitehead 1994]; [Vitali 1999]
     [Whitehead 1997]; [Anderson 1999b], [Bieber 1999a]
     [Whitehead 1999]; [Cailliau 1999]
Wicke, R.
  bibliographic references, [Gellersen 1997]; [Rossi 1999]
Wiil, Uffe K.
  ACM-CSHT publications, "Hypermedia research directions: an infrastructure perspective"; [Wiil 1999c]
  bibliographic references
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     Nürnberg; [Carr 1999]
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     [Wiil 1997a]; [Wiil 1999c]
     [Wiil 1997b]; [Wiil 1999c]
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     [Wiil 1999]; [Bieber 1999a]
     [Wiil 1999a]; [Wiil 1999c]
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     [Wiil 2000]; [Lewis 1999]
Wilcox, L.
  bibliographic references, [Smoliar 1996]; [Lewis 1999]
Wilkins, Rob J.
  bibliographic references
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     [Lewis 1996]; [Lewis 1999]
Wilkinson, Ross
  ACM-CSHT publications, "Automatic link generation"; [Wilkinson 1999]
  bibliographic references, [Fuller 1993]; [Wilkinson 1999]
Will, H.
  bibliographic references, [Terveen 1998]; [Mukherjea 1999]
Willett, Peter
  ACM-CSHT publications, "Inter-linker Cmnsistency in the manual construction of hypertext documents"; [Furner 1999]
  bibliographic references
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Williams, J. G.
  bibliographic references, [Olsen 1993]; [Benford 1999]
     overview; [Nelson 1999k]
     [Transpointing 2000] bibliographic references and URLs; [Nelson 1999k]
     as Xanadu design idea, tagged to date and Xanadu design reference ID; [Nelson 1999k]
Winograd, Terry
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     [Cousins 1997]; [Shipman 1999a]
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     [Röscheisen 1995]; [Cailliau 1999]
Witham, Steve
  as Xanadu designer; [Nelson 1999k]
Wood A. M.
  bibliographic references, [Hendley 1995]; [Mukherjea 1999], [Benford 1999]
Wood, Lauren
  bibliographic references
     [Wood 1998]; [DeRose 1999a]
     [Wood 1999]; [DeRose 1999a]
  links, in Parunak's taxonomy; [Kopak 1999]
WordNet database
  [Beckwith 1991] bibliographic reference; [Green 1999a]
  [Fellbaum 1998] bibliographic reference; [Green 1999a]
  lexical chaining use; [Green 1999a]
  problems with; [Green 1999a]
work/working, hypermedia research reflection of; [Wiil 1999c]
     hypertext value-added features, [Noll 1996] bibliographic reference; [Bieber 1999a]
     hypertext value-added features, [Noll 1999] bibliographic reference; [Bieber 1999a]
  Web-based workspaces, spatial hypertext contribution to; [Shipman 1999a]
  workflow versioning issues; [Vitali 1999]
  collaborative, capturing divergent views in hypertext link topologies; [Bernstein 1999]
  transpointing window use for; [Nelson 1999k]
Wu, H.
  bibliographic references, [De Bra 1999]; [De Bra 1999]
Wugofski, Ted
  bibliographic references, [Ayars 1999]; [Hardman 1999a]
WWW (World Wide Web)
  alternatives, See 
  alternatives to, Hyper-G, [Maurer 1996] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
  automatic resource discovery; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  [Berners-Lee 1994] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
  broken links
     correction issues; [Davis 1999a]
     Hyper-G vs. Distributed Link Service strategies; [Carr 1999]
  browser encapsulation
     [Anderson 1994] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
     [Davis 1994] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
     [Verbyla 1994] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
  browsing session 3D map construction, [Snowdon 1997] bibliographic reference; [Benford 1999]
  communities; [Kleinberg 1999]
  content search integration with structure analysis, for hypermedia retrieval and management; [Li 1999]
  development, [Berners-Lee et al. 1994] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
  Devise HyperMedia system support for; [Carr 1999]
  disorientation concerns, [Morville 1998] bibliographic reference; [Bernstein 1999]
  dynamic hypertext barriers; [Bernstein 1999]
  ecologies, visualization techniques; [Mukherjea 1999]
  educational microworlds, Exploratories project development of; [van Dam 1999]
  as electronic journal delivery medium; [Treloar 1999]
  enhancement tools, See 
     3D visualization
  evolution, visualization techniques; [Mukherjea 1999]
  generic portals, limitations of for WWW searching; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  Google search engine, influence weight balancing strategies; [Kleinberg 1999]
  hierarchies as filtering technique for; [Mukherjea 1999]
  history of hypertext in; [Cailliau 1999]
  HTML browsers, link traversal behavior; [Hardman 1999a]
  HyperDisco support; [Carr 1999]
  hypertext capabilities
     criticisms of, [Bieber 1997a] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
     criticisms of, [Lowe 1999a] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
     criticisms of, [Nürnberg 1999] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
  hypertext enhancement proposals, [Davis 1994] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
  hypertext structure and the; [Bernstein 1999]
  information retrieval techniques
     as information space simplification technique; [Mukherjea 1999]
     [Pitkow 1997] bibliographic reference; [Mukherjea 1999]
  link integrity issues; [Davis 1999a]
  link taxonomy analysis, issues; [Kopak 1999]
  multipart page processing, Xanadu document delivery compared with; [Nelson 1999k]
  OHS research impact; [Wiil 1999c]
     [Anderson 1997] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
     [Carr et al. 1995] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
     [Grønbæk et al. 1997] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
  OOHDM applicability to; [Rossi 1999]
  problems with; [Nelson 1999k]
  query space, organizing; [Li 1999]
  scholarly communication as motivation for; [Treloar 1999]
     information unit use; [Li 1999]
     visualization of; [Benford 1999]
  semantics, semantic linking relationship to; [Tudhope 1999]
  social network analysis application to; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  static point-to-point links in; [Lewis 1999]
     discrete mathematics modeling of; [Kleinberg 1999]
     visualizing; [Benford 1999]
  transpublishing in, as Xanadu design idea, tagged to date and Xanadu design reference ID; [Nelson 1999k]
  Virtual Library, directory-based topic browsing at; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
     3D, overview of projects for; [Benford 1999]
     3D, WebBook; [Mukherjea 1999]
     integration of content, structure, and use; [Mukherjea 1999]
     landscape metaphor use; [Mukherjea 1999]
  Xanadu relationship to; [Nelson 1999k]
  XLink relationship to XML on; [Lewis 1999]