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Nürnberg, Peter J.
  See Also OHS (open hypermedia systems)
  ACM-CSHT publications, "Hypermedia research directions: an infrastructure perspective"; [Wiil 1999c]
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Nakayama, T.
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  See Also address(es)/addressing
  access in XPath, [Bray 1999] bibliographic reference; [DeRose 1999a]
  consistency issues; [Furner 1999]
     [Furnal 1987] bibliographic reference; [Furner 1999]
  domain-naming systems, Internet difficulties with; [Nelson 1999k]
  global persistent name service, as broken link prevention strategy, [W3C 1998a] bibliographic reference; [Davis 1999a]
Nanard, Jocelyn
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Nanard, Marc
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Nanba, K.
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  as information exploration system; [Mukherjea 1999]
Narin, F.
  bibliographic references, [Pinski 1976]; [Kleinberg 1999]
  See Also fiction
  complex, importance of cycles in; [Bernstein 1999]
  patterns, in hypertext; [Bernstein 1999]
  short, structural complexity importance in; [Bernstein 1999]
  [Shiozawa 1997] bibliographic reference; [Benford 1999]
natural language techniques
  See Also AI (artificial intelligence)
  as link discovery technique, [Allen 1996] bibliographic reference; [Verbyla 1999]
  See Also 
     access mechanisms
     fisheye views
  adaptive, adaptive hypermedia system support for; [De Bra 1999]
  Adaptive Hypermedia: From Systems to Framework; [De Bra 1999]
  behaviors that constitute; [Bieber 1999a]
  construct design, OOHDM use; [Rossi 1999]
  content-based; [Lewis 1999]
     in non-text retrieval; [Lewis 1999]
  disorientation, as hypermedia user problem; [Mukherjea 1999]
  distinguished from relationship specification, in link specification; [Verbyla 1999]
  domain relationship analysis; [Bieber 1999]
  hypertext, added value for computer applications; [Bieber 1999a]
  of information spaces; [Bieber 1999]
  Information Visualization for Hypermedia Systems; [Mukherjea 1999]
  intelligent, semantic index suppport of; [Tudhope 1999]
  issues, in defining a link specification; [Verbyla 1999]
  as link role; [Carr 1999]
  link traversal vs. search engines, in WWW information seeking; [Furner 1999]
  links, spatial hypertext as alternative to; [Shipman 1999a]
  links role in, early discussions of; [Bernstein 1999]
  mechanisms, as WWW scholarly publishing enhancement; [Treloar 1999]
  Navigational View Builder, [Mukherjea 1995] bibliographic reference; [Mukherjea 1999]
  problem, end of; [Bernstein 1999]
  process enactment as; [Bieber 1999a]
  prohibition, as broken link prevention strategy; [Davis 1999a]
  query-based, semantically indexed hypermedia links use for; [Tudhope 1999]
  relationship analysis and; [Bieber 1999]
  retrieval vs.; [Lewis 1999]
     in information handling; [Lewis 1999]
  SC importance for; [Wiil 1999c]
  searching vs.; [Wilkinson 1999]
  spatial, 3D visualization of the WWW; [Benford 1999]
  spatial hypertext, as alternative to navigational and semantic links; [Shipman 1999a]
  in spatial hypertext vs. link-based hypertext; [Shipman 1999a]
  spiky pattern; [Bodner 1999a]
  within trees, extended pointer use; [DeRose 1999a]
  typographically distinguished links as breadcrumbs, in WWW; [Bernstein 1999]
  user trails as mechanism for; [Reich 1999a]
  Where Have You Been From Here? Trails in Hypertext Systems; [Reich 1999a]
Navigational View Builder
  as information exploration system; [Mukherjea 1999]
NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
  See Also browsers
  [NCSA 1995] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
  XMosaic, damage to Berners-Lee's distributed hypertext system proposal; [Cailliau 1999]
NEC Corporation.
  [NEC 1999] bibliographic reference; [Li 1999]
negative impact
  on navigation, as link proliferation danger; [Bernstein 1999]
  See Also 
     CSCW (computer-supported cooperative work)
  design, capturing in hypertext link topologies; [Bernstein 1999]
  See Also 
     spatial hypertext
  Focus + Context views of; [Mukherjea 1999]
  links, spatial hypertext use of; [Shipman 1999a]
Nelson, Theodor Holm
  See Also Xanadu
  ACM-CSHT publications
     "The unfinished revolution and Xanadu"; [Nelson 1998d]
     "Xanalogical structure, needed now more than ever: parallel documents, deep links to content, deep versioning, and deep re-use"; [Nelson 1999k]
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  educational aspirations; [van Dam 1999]
  impact on Exploratories project; [van Dam 1999]
  as Xanadu designer; [Nelson 1999k]
  software engineering hypertext support, [Delisle 1986] bibliographic reference; [Anderson 1999b]
nested anchors
  See Also 
  as potential consequence of separation of links and documents; [Verbyla 1999]
NetPlaza search engine
  topic distillation use; [Li 1999]
  See Also distributed
     versioning issues; [Vitali 1999]
     visualization advances; [Shipman 1999a]
  network effect, (footnote), [Whitehead 1999] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
     See Also ecologies
     analysis; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
     analysis strategies, as WWW structure analysis tool; [Kleinberg 1999]
     hubs, authorities, and communities, [Kleinberg 2000] bibliographic reference; [Kleinberg 1999]
     linking based on; [Carr 1999]
     prominance ranking analysis; [Kleinberg 1999]
     representation, by hubs/authority relationship weighting; [Kleinberg 1999]
     theory; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
     topic distillation use for identifying; [Li 1999]
     trail making; [Reich 1999a]
     types of; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
     evolution of Dexter implementations from monolithic systems to; [Carr 1999]
     interoperable independent open hypermedia systems; [Carr 1999]
Neuendorfer, T.
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Neuwirth Christine M.
  bibliographic references, [Haake 1994]; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
Newby, G. B.
  bibliographic references, [Peek 1996]; [Treloar 1999]
next operation
  as browser link supplement supported by NeXTStep browser; [Cailliau 1999]
NeXTStep browser
  author/authoring support, for Berners-Lee's distributed hypertext system proposal; [Cailliau 1999]
  next and previous operation support; [Cailliau 1999]
Nielsen, H. F.
  bibliographic references, [Berners-Lee 1994]; [Wiil 1999c]
Nielsen, Jacob
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Nishikawa, N.
  bibliographic references, [Tanaka 1991]; [Wilkinson 1999]
  See Augment/NLS
NN (nearest neighbor)
  as feature classifier, resource discovery use; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  See Also 
  composite, trails relationship to; [Reich 1999a]
  as Dexter hypertext reference model, hypertext component; [Carr 1999]
  importance, strategies for determining, impact on WWW structure analaysis; [Kleinberg 1999]
  node-tests, in XPath syntax; [DeRose 1999a]
  selecting, extended pointer use; [DeRose 1999a]
  sets, XPath creation of; [DeRose 1999a]
     as hypertext model dimension; [Bodner 1999a]
     visual presentation in gIBIS and Aqaunet maps; [Shipman 1999a]
  typing, contrasted with link typing; [Kopak 1999]
node-link graph
  visualization of the WWW
     [Hendley 1995] bibliographic reference; [Benford 1999]
     [Shiozawa 1997] bibliographic reference; [Benford 1999]
Noll, J.
  bibliographic references
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     [Noll 1999]; [Bieber 1999a]
  See Also multidimensional
  multimedia presenations, requirements for; [Hardman 1999a]
  See Also node(s)
  document components, XPointer addressing of; [DeRose 1999a]
  specification, in XPointer; [DeRose 1999a]
non-numerical algorithms
  information retrieval use; [Kleinberg 1999]
non-sequential access
  hypertext as; [Lewis 1999]
non-text media
  content-based navigation issues; [Lewis 1999]
  XPointer addressing potential; [DeRose 1999a]
non-text multimedia
  content-based retrieval issues; [Lewis 1999]
Nordhausen, Bernd
  bibliographic references, [Chignell 1991]; [Wilkinson 1999]
  links, in Trigg's link taxonomy; [Kopak 1999]
  non-text information, multimedia reduction of need for, in WWW-based scholarly publishing; [Treloar 1999]
  See Also pioneer projects
  hypertext maps, [Halasz 1987] bibliographic reference; [Shipman 1999a]
  link traversal behavior, [Halasz 1987] bibliographic reference; [Hardman 1999a]
notification control
  See Also OHS (open hypermedia services)
  as multiple open services core collaboration service; [Wiil 1999c]
  tours use by; [Reich 1999a]
  graph layout optimization; [Mukherjea 1999]