ACM Computing Surveys
Hypertext and Hypermedia Symposium

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back operation
  as browser link supplement; [Cailliau 1999]
  See Also UI (user interface)
  structure-aware, benefits of; [Wiil 1999c]
  See Also versioning
  support for, as Xanadu goal; [Nelson 1999k]
  as trail possibility but not a tour possibility; [Reich 1999a]
  on trails, semantics and recording issues; [Reich 1999a]
  in trails but not tours, [Bieber 1994] bibliographic reference; [Reich 1999a]
  in Xanadu, [Nelson 1999k] bibliographic reference; [Vitali 1999]
  See Also versioning
  as versioning advantage; [Vitali 1999]
Baclace, Paul
  as Xanadu designer; [Nelson 1999k]
Baddeley, A. D.
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Baeza-Yates, R.
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Baird, P.
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Baker, J.
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Balasubramanian, P.
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Balasubramanian, V.
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Bamford, H.
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  as time-based hypermedia issue; [Hardman 1999a]
Bapat, Ajit
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Barbosa, S. D. J.
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Bareiss, Ray
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Barnard, D. T.
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Baron, L.
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Baronas, Jean
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Bartram, L.
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Barus, William
  as Xanadu designer; [Nelson 1999k]
Barzilay, R.
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Basak, G. C.
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Bates, M. J.
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Battista, G.
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  See Also IR (information retrieval)
  as feature classifier, resource discovery use; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
Beale, R.
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Beaumont, I.
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Beckwith, R.
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Begeman, M. L.
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  See Also 
  associating with XML element types, stylesheets use for; [DeRose 1999a]
  citation, MRF capture and use of; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  customization of, in dynamic hypertext; [Bodner 1999a]
  implementation, as hypertext model dimension; [Bodner 1999a]
     excluded from Dexter hypertext reference model; [Carr 1999]
     separating from link types, as XLink strength; [DeRose 1999a]
  of linking
     within linear multimedia presentations; [Hardman 1999a]
     among linear multimedia presentations; [Hardman 1999a]
  links with, XML impact on WWW, [DeRose 1999] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
  as multiple open services core hypermedia service; [Wiil 1999c]
  that constitute navigation; [Bieber 1999a]
  of time-based hypermedia presentations, semantic issues; [Hardman 1999a]
  XLink elements, categories of; [DeRose 1999a]
  XML element class association, advantages of; [DeRose 1999a]
Beishuizen, J.
  bibliographic references, [Verheij 1996]; [Quentin-Baxter 1999]
  Latent Semantic Indexing project, performance comparison of SMART with; [Furner 1999]
Benford, Steven D.
  ACM-CSHT publication, "Three dimensional visualization of the World Wide Web"; [Benford 1999]
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Bennett, P.
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Berners-Lee, Tim J.
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  distributed hypertext system proposal, [[Berners-Lee 1989] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
  scholarly communication concerns; [Treloar 1999]
Bernstein, Mark
  ACM-CSHT publications, "Structural patterns and hypertext rhetoric"; [Bernstein 1999]
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Bernstein, P. A.
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Beynon-Davies, P.
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Bharat, K.
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bi-directional links
  See Also link(s)/linking
  as link type; [Davis 1999a]
  as WWW XML Linking working group goal; [DeRose 1999a]
  XLink support of; [DeRose 1999a]
Bieber, Michael P.
  ACM-CSHT publications
     "Hypermedia: a design philosophy"; [Bieber 1999]
     "Hypertext functionality"; [Bieber 1999a]
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Bier, E.
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Bigelow J.
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  relational model of the link, [Ashman 1997a] bibliographic reference; [Verbyla 1999]
  See Also closure
  Journal of Biological Chemistry, as innovative electronic scholarly journal; [Treloar 1999]
Birchall, A.
  bibliographic references, [Rada 1993]; [Tudhope 1999]
  See Also 
     data formats
  representation, XML inapplicable to; [DeRose 1999a]
Blissett, G. M.
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Blustein, W. J.
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Bobrow, Daniel
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B÷cker, H.
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Bodner, Richard C.
  ACM-CSHT publications, "Dynamic hypertext: querying and linking"; [Bodner 1999a]
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Bogaerts, Walter F. L.
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Bollacker, Kurt D.
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Bolter, Jay David
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  See Also annotation(s)
  as annotation mechanism; [Bieber 1999a]
  Linking Ability support; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
  prohibition, as broken link prevention strategy; [Davis 1999a]
  spatial organization
     2D, Web Squirrel; [Shipman 1999a]
     3D, WebBook; [Benford 1999]
     3D, WebForager; [Benford 1999]
  tours and trails compared with; [Reich 1999a]
  collective intelligence; [Engelbart 1998]
"Bootstrapping Our Collective Intelligence"; [Engelbart 1998]
border style
  as information typing mechanism in VIKI; [Shipman 1999a]
Borko, H.
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Bos, Bert
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Botafogo, R. A.
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  See Also 
  decision, automatic determination using examples; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
     hypertext link placement relationship to; [Green 1999a]
     lexical chaining use for discovering; [Green 1999a]
Boutin, F.
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Bouvin, N. O.
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Boy, G. A.
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Boyle, C.
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Bröder, Andrei Z.
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Braekevelt, P.
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Brailsford, David F.
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branching tours
  See Also 
  [Shipman 1998] bibliographic reference; [Reich 1999a]
  [Trigg 1988] bibliographic reference; [Reich 1999a]
Bray, Tim
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  See Also 
  bibliographic references, [Bernstein 1988]; [Bernstein 1999]
  typographically distinguished links as, in WWW; [Bernstein 1999]
breast-outline hypertext structure map
  See Also 
  as feminist symbol, [Strickland 1998] bibliographic reference; [Bernstein 1999]
Brew, Chris
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Bridie Saccocio
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Briggs, J.
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Brin, S.
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Brodbeck, D.
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broken links
  See Also 
     content, reference problem
     reference integrity
  as annotation problem, [Davis 1999] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
  correction of; [Davis 1999a]
  minimization of, as query-based dynamic hypertext advantage; [Bodner 1999a]
  as open hypermedia link service issue; [Carr 1999]
  prevention, global persistent names use for, [W3C 1998a] bibliographic reference; [Davis 1999a]
  survey of issues; [Davis 1999a]
  as URL deficiency, W3C URN and DOI standards seek to solve; [DeRose 1999a]
  Xanadu prevention strategies; [Nelson 1999k]
Brooks, Frederick P., Jr.
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Brown, C. C.
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Brown, E.
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Brown, M.
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Brown, Peter J.
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Brown University
  education projects; [van Dam 1999]
  publications; [DeRose 1999a], [van Dam 1999]
  See Also 
     IR (information retrieval)
  browsable concept descriptors
     [Bruza 1990] bibliographic reference; [Tudhope 1999]
     as navigation tool; [Tudhope 1999]
     [Pollard 1993] bibliographic reference; [Tudhope 1999]
  Debate Browser
     as MetaEdit+ tool; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
     [Oinas-Kukkonen 1996] bibliographic reference; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
     usability studies; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
  Guidon browser, early hypertext electronic journal use; [Treloar 1999]
  Harmony Internet Browser; [Mukherjea 1999]
     back and forward operation support of; [Cailliau 1999]
     visualization of; [Benford 1999]
  HotSauce browser
     [HotSauce 1999]; [Benford 1999]
     as spatial hypertext visualization of the WWW; [Benford 1999]
  HTML, link traversal behavior; [Hardman 1999a]
     as Focus + Context technique; [Mukherjea 1999]
     [Lamping 1995] bibliographic reference; [Mukherjea 1999]
     Adaptive Hypermedia: From Systems to Framework; [De Bra 1999]
     "Adaptive Hypermedia: From Systems to Framework"; [De Bra 1999]
  integration with querying, in dynamic hypertext; [Bodner 1999a]
  as navigation; [Bieber 1999a]
  NeXTStep, authoring in, for Berners-Lee's distributed hypertext system proposal; [Cailliau 1999]
  topic, directory-based, as WWW information retrieval technique; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  unification with querying, as dynamic hypertext property; [Bodner 1999a]
  user interface between browsing and, research issues; [Tudhope 1999]
Brusilovsky, Peter
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Bruza, P.
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Buchanan, M. Cecelia
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Buckley, C.
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Bullock, J.
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bullseye metaphor
  See Also metaphors
  as hypermedia visualization metaphor, [Charriere 1997] bibliographic reference; [Mukherjea 1999]
Bulterman, Dick C. A.
  ACM-CSHT publications, "Hypermedia: the link with time"; [Hardman 1999a]
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Burbules, N. C.
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Burchard P.
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Burks, M.
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Burnard, Lou
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Bush, Vannevar
  See Also 
  bibliographic reference, [Bush 1945]; [Wiil 1999c], [Treloar 1999], [Carr 1999], [Lewis 1999], [Reich 1999a], [Shipman 1999a], [Bodner 1999a], [Furner 1999], [Cailliau 1999]
  bibliographic reference and URL, [Bush 1945]; [Nelson 1999k]
  trails, as transclusions; [Nelson 1999k]