ACM Computing Surveys
Hypertext and Hypermedia Symposium

A Index

  in Xanadu content links; [Nelson 1999k]
  in Xanadu content links; [Nelson 1999k]
3 1/2D graphics
  as Xanadu design idea, tagged to date and Xanadu design reference ID; [Nelson 1999k]
  in Xanadu content links; [Nelson 1999k]
3D visualization
  hypertext, with spatial environments, [Dieberger 1995] bibliographic reference; [Shipman 1999a]
  of WWW; [Mukherjea 1999], [Benford 1999]
Aalborg University
  HBMS research; [Wiil 1999c]
  publications; [Wiil 1999c]
Aarhus University
  HBMS research; [Wiil 1999c]
Aarseth, Espin J.
  bibliographic references, [Aarseth 1997]; [Bernstein 1999]
Aberer, Karl
  bibliographic references, [Bapat 1996]; [Wiil 1999c]
  See Also concepts
  data, HMOS relationship; [Wiil 1999c]
  different levels
     CASE environment support; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
     support for, (figure); [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
  as information space simplification technique; [Mukherjea 1999]
  methods, Integrating Content Search with Structure Analysis for Hypermedia Retrieval and Management; [Li 1999]
  structural, vs. data-based abstractions, as SC defining characteristic; [Wiil 1999c]
  visualization issues; [Mukherjea 1999]
  control, as multiple open services core collaboration service; [Wiil 1999c]
     domain relationship analysis of; [Bieber 1999]
     large hypertext issues; [Tudhope 1999]
  maximum, domain relationship analysis support of; [Bieber 1999]
  modification, adaptive hypertext use; [Bodner 1999a]
  namespace, in XPath, [Bray 1999] bibliographic reference; [DeRose 1999a]
  non-sequential, hypertext as; [Lewis 1999]
access mechanisms
     IR (information retrieval)
  See Also structure(s)
Ackermann, Philipp
  bibliographic references, [Ackermann 1994]; [Hardman 1999a]
  Computing Classification, [ACM 1998] bibliographic reference; [Tudhope 1999]
  copyright policy, [Denning 1998] bibliographic reference and URL; [Nelson 1999k]
  transcopyright endorsement in principle, [Denning 1998] bibliographic reference and URL; [Nelson 1999k]
  See Also activities
  trail marking activities relationship to, [Rosenberg 1996] bibliographic reference; [Reich 1999a]
  See Also dynamic
  social networks, trail making; [Reich 1999a]
  trail-making, components of; [Reich 1999a]
  user, trail generation by; [Reich 1999a]
ad hoc
  dependencies, as implicit relationship; [Anderson 1999b]
adaptive hypermedia
  See AHS (adaptive hypermedia systems)
"Adaptive Hypermedia: From Systems to Framework"; [De Bra 1999]
  See Also 
     ID (identifiers)
  centralized root node management, vs. Xanadu rootless tumbler addressing system, [Nelson 1987] bibliographic reference; [Nelson 1999k]
  content links
     advantages over address-based links; [Nelson 1999k]
     in Xanadu; [Nelson 1999k]
  fragility, as deficiency W3C URN and DOI standards seek to solve; [DeRose 1999a]
  global address space
     Internet difficulties with; [Nelson 1999k]
     Xanadu management of; [Nelson 1999k]
  HTML alternatives; [Verbyla 1999]
  HTML deficiencies that XML addresses; [DeRose 1999a]
  HTML link disadvantages; [Verbyla 1999]
  HTML link limitations; [Verbyla 1999]
  mechanisms distinguished from, linkiing; [DeRose 1999a]
  permanent, as hallmark of Xanadu data model; [Nelson 1999k]
  referential data model, transclusion finding with; [Nelson 1999k]
  stabilized universal addresses, as Xanadu design idea, tagged to date and Xanadu design reference ID; [Nelson 1999k]
  tumbler, as Xanadu design idea, tagged to date and Xanadu design reference ID; [Nelson 1999k]
  Xanadu enfilade theory; [Nelson 1999k]
  XPath, limitations; [DeRose 1999a]
  XPointer, XPath relationship to; [DeRose 1999a]
address-based links
  limitations; [Verbyla 1999]
"afternoon: a story"
  divergent experiences in reading; [Bernstein 1999]
  [Joyce 1990] bibliographic reference; [Bernstein 1999]
  link topology analysis; [Bernstein 1999]
  See Also 
     AHS (adaptive hypermedia systems)
     AI (artificial intelligence)
  intermediary hypertext
     CASE environment role; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
     in MetaEdit+, (figure); [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
     [Carr 1998] bibliographic reference; [Reich 1999a]
     [Pikrakis 1998] bibliographic reference; [Reich 1999a]
     Where Have You Been From Here? Trails in Hypertext Systems; [Reich 1999a]
  trail-making use; [Reich 1999a]
  versioning, in HyperClas, [Dattolo 1996] bibliographic reference; [Vitali 1999]
  See Also 
  as information space simplification technique; [Mukherjea 1999]
  links, in Parunak's taxonomy; [Kopak 1999]
  structures, missing from the WWW; [Li 1999]
  See Also versioning
  of browsing history, fogging as technique for; [Benford 1999]
Agosti, Maristella
  bibliographic references
     [Agosti 1995]; [Tudhope 1999]
     [Agosti 1996]; [Wilkinson 1999]
     [Agosti 1997]; [Furner 1999], [Wilkinson 1999]
Agrawal, Rakesh
  bibliographic references, [Chakrabarti 1998a]; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
AHS (adaptive hypermedia systems)
  See Also 
     guard fields
     hypertext/hypermedia, system types
  "Adaptive Hypermedia: From Systems to FrameworkČ; [De Bra 1999]
  customization need addressed by; [Bodner 1999a]
  framework for; [De Bra 1999]
  hypermedia reference model, [De Bra 1999] bibliographic reference; [De Bra 1999]
  links, dynamic links vs.; [Bodner 1999a]
  navigation support; [De Bra 1999]
     [Brusilovsky 1996] bibliographic reference; [De Bra 1999]
  presentations; [De Bra 1999]
     support, [Brusilovsky 1996] bibliographic reference; [De Bra 1999]
     use of grayed out text, [Hothi 1998] bibliographic reference; [De Bra 1999]
  review of techniques and systems, [Brusilovsky 1996] bibliographic reference; [De Bra 1999]
  supplementing authored links with dynamically generated links in dynamic hypertext; [Bodner 1999a]
  user model role; [Bodner 1999a]
Aiken, Peter
  bibliographic references, [Roth 1994]; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
Akscyn, Robert M.
  bibliographic references
     [Akscyn 1988]; [Wiil 1999c], [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
     [McCracken 1984]; [Hardman 1999a]
Al-Halimi, Reem
  bibliographic references
     [Al-Halimi 1998]; [Green 1999a]
     [Kazman 1996]; [Green 1999a]
Alexander, Christopher
  bibliographic references, [Alexander 1977]; [Rossi 1999]
  See Also patterns
  co-citation, Web path identification use; [Li 1999]
  companion, Web path identification use; [Li 1999]
  crawling; [Li 1999]
  graph; [Kleinberg 1999]
  greedy, lexical chaining; [Green 1999a]
  HyperClass iterative relaxation algorithm, circularity resolution by, [Chakrabarti 1998c] bibliographic reference; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  information retrieval, as link discovery technique, [Allen 1996] bibliographic reference; [Verbyla 1999]
  lexical chaining
     [Barzilay 1997] bibliographic reference; [Green 1999a]
     [Green 1999] bibliographic reference; [Green 1999a]
     [Hirst 1998] bibliographic reference; [Green 1999a]
     [Stairmand 1994] bibliographic reference; [Green 1999a]
  non-numerical; [Kleinberg 1999]
  search, potential for universal address space analysis; [Nelson 1999k]
  topic distillation; [Li 1999]
  Xanadu; [Nelson 1999k]
  as transclusion form; [Nelson 1999k]
Allan, James
  bibliographic references
     [Agosti 1997]; [Wilkinson 1999]
     [Allan 1997]; [Green 1999a], [Wilkinson 1999]
Allen, James
  bibliographic references, [Allen 1996]; [Verbyla 1999]
Allinson, Lesley
  bibliographic references, [Hammond 1989]; [Quentin-Baxter 1999]
Alter, Steven
  bibliographic references, [Alter 1996]; [Bieber 1999a]
  constructive, spatial hypertext support of; [Shipman 1999a]
  importance in literary interpretation; [Shipman 1999a]
  representation difficulties, as open hypermedia research challege; [Shipman 1999a]
  representation in spatial hypertext; [Shipman 1999a]
  as WWW information retrieval problem; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
Amerika, Mark
  See Also fiction (hypertext)
  bibliographic references, [Amerika 1997]; [Bernstein 1999]
Amsellem, Maurice
  bibliographic references, [Amsellem, 1995]; [Anderson 1999b]
Amsterdam Hypertext Model
  See time
  See Also 
     user studies
  citation analysis methods, scientific journal, [Egghe 1990] bibliographic reference; [Kleinberg 1999]
  content, indexing and; [Li 1999]
  cost/benefit, in domain relationship analysis; [Bieber 1999]
  document, transpointing window use for; [Nelson 1999k]
  Generalized Similarity Analysis framework, as virtual hypertext structuring mechanism; [Mukherjea 1999]
  prominance ranking
     of social networks, [Hubbell 1965] bibliographic reference; [Kleinberg 1999]
     of social networks, [Katz 1953] bibliographic reference; [Kleinberg 1999]
     of social networks, [Wasserman 1994] bibliographic reference; [Kleinberg 1999]
  relationship; [Bieber 1999]
     application, [Bieber 1999a] bibliographic reference; [Bieber 1999]
     [Bieber 1999a] bibliographic reference; [Bieber 1999a]
     tools and methods for; [Bieber 1999]
  scholarly, capturing in hypertext link topologies; [Bernstein 1999]
  structure, integration with content search; [Li 1999]
  universal address space, Xanadu approaches; [Nelson 1999k]
  See Also link(s)/linking
  definition; [Verbyla 1999]
  as Dexter hypertext reference model, hypertext component; [Carr 1999]
     as WWW XML Linking working group goal; [DeRose 1999a]
     XPath support; [DeRose 1999a]
  link relationships to; [Davis 1999a]
  location of
     embedded; [Davis 1999a]
     external, in link databases; [Davis 1999a]
  as nested, as potential consequence of separation of links and documents; [Verbyla 1999]
  term definition, in XLink; [DeRose 1999a]
Anderson, Kenneth M.
  See Also Chimera
  ACM-CSHT publications, "Supporting software engineering with open hypermedia"; [Anderson 1999b]
  bibliographic references
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     [Anderson, 1999a]; [Anderson 1999b]
     [Anderson, 1999b]; [Anderson 1999b]
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     [Davis 1999]; [Lewis 1999]
Andrews, Keith
  See Also Hyper-G
  bibliographic references, [Andrews 1995]; [Mukherjea 1999], [Carr 1999], [Wilkinson 1999]
  See Also 
  assistants, hypertext authoring system use for; [Furner 1999]
  controversy over, [Krantz 1999]; [Cailliau 1999]
  of design diagrams, Linking Ability support; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
  emergent, versioning encouragement of, [Maioli 1994] bibliographic reference; [Vitali 1999]
  external, as WWW XML Linking working group goal; [DeRose 1999a]
  external links advantages for; [DeRose 1999a]
  HTML link reference issues; [DeRose 1999a]
  as hypermedia journal need; [Treloar 1999]
  hypertext, added value for computer applications; [Bieber 1999a]
  as hypertext role in CASE; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
  link, adaptive hypertext use; [Bodner 1999a]
  link specification issues; [Verbyla 1999]
  mechanisms that constitute; [Bieber 1999a]
  personal, hypertext authoring system use for; [Furner 1999]
     as linkbase advantage, [Davis 1995] bibliographic reference; [Verbyla 1999]
     as linkbase advantage, [Röscheisen 1995] bibliographic reference; [Verbyla 1999]
  transpointing window use for; [Nelson 1999k]
  versioning issues; [Vitali 1999]
  WWW, Microcosm use; [DeRose 1999a]
  Xanadu content link advantages; [Nelson 1999k]
  as Xanadu goal; [Nelson 1999k]
  XLink support of; [DeRose 1999a]
  See Also WWW (World Wide Web), enhancement tools
  as HTML deficiencies workaround; [DeRose 1999a]
  See Also OHS (Open Hypermedia Systems)
  adding hypertext functionality to; [Bieber 1999a]
  HTF support
     inter-application requirements; [Bieber 1999a]
     intra-application vs. inter-application; [Bieber 1999a]
  hypermedia, developing, methods and patterns use for; [Rossi 1999]
  interpenetrating structures as alternative to, as Xanadu design idea, tagged to date and Xanadu design reference ID; [Nelson 1999k]
  MOS middleware services handling; [Wiil 1999c]
  non-hypertext, providing hypertext support for; [Bieber 1999a]
     among objections and functions, design issues; [Bieber 1999]
     analysis of; [Bieber 1999]
  retrofitting hypertext into; [Bieber 1999a]
  system design, hypertext primary vs. hypertext supplemental; [Bieber 1999a]
     integration, as OHS characteristic; [Anderson 1999b]
     integration, as OHS characteristic, [Davis 1994] bibliographic reference; [Anderson 1999b]
     integration, as OHS characteristic, [Whitehead 1997] bibliographic reference; [Anderson 1999b]
applicative linking
  in Xanadu; [Nelson 1999k]
"Applying Hypertext and Hypermedia to Scholarly Journals Enables Both Product and Process Innovation"; [Treloar 1999]
  See Also 
     Marshall, Catherine C.
     spatial hypertext
     Xerox PARC
  user experiences, [Marshall 1992] bibliographic reference; [Shipman 1999a]
  term definition, in XLink; [DeRose 1999a]
  as topic distillation technique, [Kleinberg 1998] bibliographic reference; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  See Also framework(s)
  client-server, Microcosm alternative to; [Carr 1999]
  information, semantic tagging role; [Tudhope 1999]
  Microcosm; [Carr 1999]
  open, as MOS environment characteristic; [Wiil 1999c]
  open hypermedia services; [Carr 1999]
  See Also versioning
  multimedia data, Microcosm link service for; [Carr 1999]
  stability, as open hypermedia link service issue; [Carr 1999]
  versioning importance in; [Vitali 1999]
Arents, Hans C.
  bibliographic references, [Arents 1993]; [Tudhope 1999]
  See Also 
  electronic requirements; [Nelson 1999k]
     capturing in hypertext link topologies; [Bernstein 1999]
     capturing in hypertext link topologies, [Conklin 1988] bibliographic reference; [Bernstein 1999]
     in Trigg's link taxonomy; [Kopak 1999]
     [Conklin 1987] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
     (footnote); [Kopak 1999]
     as hypermedia structuring principles application; [Wiil 1999c]
     [McCall et al. 1990] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
     [Nürnberg 1997], (footnote) bibliographic reference; [Kopak 1999]
  transpointing window use for; [Nelson 1999k]
Arnold, Mary Kim
  See Also 
     Eastgate, authors
  bibliographic references, [Arnold 1993]; [Bernstein 1999]
Arocena, Gustavo
  bibliographic references, [Arocena 1998]; [Li 1999]
  See Also Landow, George
  as component of link semantics; [Verbyla 1999]
Art and Architecture Thesaurus
  [AAT 1999] bibliographic reference; [Tudhope 1999]
  as thesaurus example, [AAT 1999] bibliographic reference; [Tudhope 1999]
Ashman, Helen
  See Also models/modeling, of hypertext concepts
  ACM-CSHT publications, "Hypertext in the Web - a history"; [Cailliau 1999]
  bibliographic references
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Aslandogan, Y. Alp
  bibliographic references, [Aslandogan 1997]; [Tudhope 1999]
Assfalg, Rolf
  bibliographic references, [Rittberger 1994]; [Wiil 1999c]
  See Also 
  of behavior with XML element types, stylesheets use for; [DeRose 1999a]
  building among data
     [Bush 1945] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
     [Nelson 1967] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
     structural computing support; [Wiil 1999c]
     navigation use; [Lewis 1999]
     in Parunak's taxonomy; [Kopak 1999]
  recall use in information access, [Bush 1945] bibliographic reference; [Wiil 1999c]
  relationships, as thesaurus relationship; [Tudhope 1999]
atemporal composites
  See Also time
  gathering mechanism for; [Hardman 1999a]
  SMIL 1.0 omission; [Hardman 1999a]
Atkins, Madeleine J.
  bibliographic references
     [Atkins 1989]; [Quentin-Baxter 1999]
     [Yildiz 1993]; [Quentin-Baxter 1999]
  See Also 
  document, linking based on; [Carr 1999]
  link, Linking Ability support of queries over; [Oinas-Kukkonen 1999]
  of links; [Verbyla 1999]
  as multiple open services core hypermedia service; [Wiil 1999c]
  named, in XML; [DeRose 1999a]
  relationships, in domain relationship analysis; [Bieber 1999]
  visual, relationship representation by; [Shipman 1999a]
  See Also 
  content-based retrieval, MIDI format advantages; [Lewis 1999]
  data, Microcosm link service for; [Carr 1999]
  XML element class advantages for; [DeRose 1999a]
auditorium metaphor
  See Also metaphors
  as hypermedia visualization metaphor, [Terveen 1998] bibliographic reference; [Mukherjea 1999]
  See Also pioneer projects
  hyper-document branching, [Engelbart 1984] bibliographic reference; [Shipman 1999a]
  See Also 
     AHS (adaptive hypertext system)
  of existing applications, with hypertext functionality, [Bieber 1997a] bibliographic reference; [Bieber 1999a]
  of SQL linkbases, for WWW searching; [Li 1999]
  See Also 
  cognitive overhead
     See Also spatial hypertext
     as versioning author cost; [Vitali 1999]
  collaborative, versioning importance for; [Vitali 1999]
  domination, in HTML link references; [DeRose 1999a]
  environments, long transactions in, versioning importance for, [Wiil 1993] bibliographic reference; [Vitali 1999]
  exploratory, versioning advantages for; [Vitali 1999]
     issues, consistency, [Ellis 1994] bibliographic reference; [Wilkinson 1999]
     issues, scaling; [Wilkinson 1999]
     issues, volatility, [Thistlewaite 1997] bibliographic reference; [Wilkinson 1999]
     link typing role; [Kopak 1999]
     manual vs. automatic link generation; [Furner 1999]
     damage to Berners-Lee's distributed hypertext system proposal by NCSA Mosaic; [Cailliau 1999]
     key feature of Bush's vision, [Bush 1945] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
     readers as, [Bush 1945] bibliographic reference; [Furner 1999]
     in supplementing with dynamically generated links; [Bodner 1999a]
     support for, [Carr 1995] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
     support for, [NCSA 1995] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
     support for, [Röscheisen 1995] bibliographic reference; [Cailliau 1999]
  multi, versioning advantages; [Vitali 1999]
  in NeXTStep browser, for Berners-Lee's distributed hypertext system proposal; [Cailliau 1999]
  as primary link generator, in traditional hypertext; [Bodner 1999a]
  reduction of effort, as query-based dynamic hypertext advantage; [Bodner 1999a]
  spatial hypertext aids; [Vitali 1999]
     as hypertext model, characteristics and weaknesses; [Bodner 1999a]
     as primary link generator in traditional hypertext; [Bodner 1999a]
  versioning advantages and disadvantages; [Vitali 1999]
  weak, query-based dynamic hypertext use with; [Bodner 1999a]
  See Also authors/authoring
  in HITS, [Kleinberg 1998] bibliographic reference; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
  hubs, communities and, [Kleinberg 2000] bibliographic reference; [Kleinberg 1999]
  pages, term description; [Li 1999]
  as prominant content sources; [Kleinberg 1999]
  Anderson, Kenneth M.; [Anderson 1999b]
  Ashman, Helen; [Cailliau 1999]
  Balasubramanian, V.; [Bieber 1999a]
  Benford, Steve; [Benford 1999]
  Bernstein, Mark; [Bernstein 1999]
  Bieber, Michael; [Bieber 1999], [Bieber 1999a]
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  Wilkinson, Ross; [Wilkinson 1999]
  Will, Uffe K.; [Wiil 1999c]
  Willett, Peter; [Furner 1999]
  Yoo, Joonhee; [Bieber 1999]
  transpointing window implementation at; [Nelson 1999k]
  See Also author/authoring
     construction, lexical chaining approaches; [Green 1999a]
     generation; [Wilkinson 1999]
     generation, lexical semantics use in; [Green 1999a]
     contrasted with semantic indexes; [Tudhope 1999]
     human indexing compared with; [Furner 1999]
     [Salton 1989] bibliographic reference; [Furner 1999]
  link creation techniques; [Furner 1999]
     [Agosti 1997] bibliographic reference; [Furner 1999]
     [Crestani 1998] bibliographic reference; [Furner 1999]
     [Melucci 1999] bibliographic reference; [Furner 1999]
     performance comparison, [Blustein 1999] bibliographic reference; [Furner 1999]
  reasoning, as minimalist semantic modeling motivation; [Tudhope 1999]
  resource discovery
     [Chakrabarti 2000] bibliographic reference; [Reich 1999a]
     trail-making vs.; [Reich 1999a]
  WWW resource discovery; [Chakrabarti 1999d]
"Automatic Link Generation"; [Wilkinson 1999]
  as link specification, as potential consequence of separation of links and documents, [Verbyla 1994] bibliographic reference; [Verbyla 1999]
  See Also agents
  in virtual reality collaboration, 3D WWW visualization support for, [Benford 1996] bibliographic reference; [Benford 1999]
  of trees, extended pointers use for navigation along; [DeRose 1999a]
  in XPath syntax; [DeRose 1999a]
Ayars, Jeff
  bibliographic references, [Ayars 1999]; [Hardman 1999a]