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[Zellweger 1989]
Polle T. Zellweger. "Scripted Documents: A Hypermedia Path Mechanism" in Proceedings of ACM Hypertext '89, Pittsburgh, PA, 1-14, November 1989.

[Bernstein 1999] Structural Patterns and Hypertext Rhetoric
[Reich 1999a] Where Have You Been From Here? Trails in Hypertext Systems

[ZigZag 1999]
ZigZag page at, 1999. [Online:]

[Nelson 1999k]

[ZigZag 1999a]
The ZigZag prototype, in more than one version, may be downloaded from the page "Xanadu ZigZag Hyperstructure Kit", 1999. [Online:] Especially recommended is the boot floppy downloadable file, with comes with installation instructions but not directions for use, [Online:]

[Nelson 1999k]

[ZigZag 1999b]
Directions for use of the ZigZag prototype are to be found, 1999. [Online:]

[Nelson 1999k]