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The goal of the Exploratories project is to begin the groundwork for a next-generation approach to Web-based educational software. In our long-term vision, the next-generation of learning technologies, manifested as full courses and digital libraries of richly interactive educational software components ("learning objects") and curriculum units, will transform traditional teaching as well as powerful Web-based offerings. Just as film began by mimicking theater, today's Web-based courses imitate our traditional course models. In our vision, a vocabulary for this new medium, developed through parallel, mutually stimulating development of medium and content, will underlie the realization of this new genre's full impact. Learn more about the Exploratories project, its philosophy and goals in this section.

Free Software

Designing interactive content for a university-level course can be very difficult and time-consuming; even maintaining a course website can be a chore. Leverage our free software to make your life easier. Integrate our Java applets into your lectures or build your own using our collection of components.


Browse our publications for a more in-depth exploration of our work and research. The repository currently includes books, papers, presentations, kiosks, and CD-ROMs and is indexed by year of publication, first author name, and title. As other media are used they will be included as well.


Find out who has helped make the Exploratories project successful by sponsoring the research and development efforts that have produced the materials found on this website. The project is not creating new exploratories at this time. Sponsors listed are for previous support.


If you're having problems running our applets or can't figure something out on our site, this is the section to be in.