2020 Senior Honors Presentations

1:00-5:00 PM on Monday, May 18, 2020 at https://brown.zoom.us/j/98565251266

1:00 PM     Lena Renshaw (Social Media, Sentiment Analysis, and the 2020 Democratic Primaries)
1:25 PM     Shawna Huang (Downstream Effects of the Brown CS Introductory Sequences)
1:50 PM     Karen Tu (Explainable Search for Ranking Model Evaluation)
2:15 PM     Rigel Galgana (Optimal Reserve Price Estimation)
2:40 PM     Erica Guo (Information Retrieval for Genetic Mutations and Diseases)
3:05 PM     Josh Levin (ViperProbe: Using eBPF Metrics to Improve Microservice Observability)
3:30 PM     Kevin Ouyang (Self-E: Procedurally Guided Self-Experimentation)
3:55 PM     Miranda Christ (New Lower Bounds on the Complexity of Provably Anonymous Onion Routing)
4:20 PM     Rohan Jha