Recent PhD Graduates

Our recent doctoral graduates represent the breadth and depth of our many research areas as well as our numerous interdisciplinary opportunities. Here's a partial list:

Jiwon Choe

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Iris Bahar and Maurice Herlihy
Research Area(s): Computer Architecture, Concurrent Data Structures
Thesis Title: Concurrent Data Structures with Near-Memory Processing: Software-Hardware Co-Design
Current Employer: Apple (Systems Software Engineer)

Matthew Corsaro

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): George Konidaris
Research Area(s): Robotics
Thesis Title: Learning Task-Specific Grasps
Current Employer: Soft Robotics Inc. 

Francesca Falzon

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Roberto Tamassia (Brown University) and Ben Zhao (University of Chicago)
Research Area(s): Computer Security, Applied Cryptography
Thesis Title: A Combinatorial Approach to Leakage Abuse Attacks and their Mitigation
Current Employer: Postdocorate at ETH Zürich

Abdelrahman Hosny

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Sherief Reda
Research Area(s): Machine Learning
Thesis Title: Machine Learning Methods for Combinatorial Optimization   
Employment Preference or Current Employer: Apple (Silicon Engineering Group)

Amir Ilkhechi

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Uğur Çetintemel
Research Area(s): Applications of deep learning in database systems
Thesis Title: Deep Models for Semantic Database Compression and Search
Current Employer: Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (Model Risk Management Department, Associate Position, Dallas office)

Numair Khan

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): James Tompkin
Research Area(s): Computer Vision, Computational Photography
Thesis Title: Are Multi-view Edges Incomplete?
Current Employer: Meta

Ani Kristo

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Tim Kraska
Research Area(s): ML for Systems, Databases, Algorithms
Thesis Title: Engineering a high-performing, learning-enhanced sorting algorithm
Current Employer: Meta (Boston office)

Yanqi Liu

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Iris Bahar
Research Area(s): Hardware Acceleration, Robotics
Thesis Title: Towards Robust and Energy-efficient Robot Perception Compute System
Current Employer: Xilinx/AMD

Usama Naseer

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Theophilus A. Benson
Research Area(s): Systems and Networking
Thesis Title: CDPlane: A Dynamic Content Distribution Plane for the Next Billion Users
Current Employer: ByteDance's SDN team

Pegah Nokhiz

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Research Area(s): Algorithmic Fairness
Thesis Title: Modeling and Simulation of Artificial Societies to Study Precarity and Inequity
Current Employer: Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell

Yanyan Ren

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Kathi Fisler
Research Area(s): Computing Education, Socially Responsible Computing
Thesis Title: Using Contrasting Cases to Teach Socially Responsible Computing
Current Employer: Asia Pacific International School

Aaron Traylor

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Ellie Pavlick (CS), Roman Feiman (CLPS)
Research Area(s): Artificial Intelligence, Computational Cognitive Science
Thesis Title: The Emergence of Symbolic Structure in Prototype Neural Networks
Current Employer: Starting at Microsoft in the fall

Shaun Wallace

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Jeff Huang
Research Area(s): Human-Computer Interaction
Thesis Title: Public Data Systems for Evolving Information
Current Employer: Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island

Linnan Wang

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Rodrigo Fonseca
Research Area(s): Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems
Thesis Title: Building an Intelligent Agent to Design Neural Networks
Current Employer: NVIDIA

John Wrenn

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Shriram Krishnamurthi 
Research Area(s): Computing Education, Programming Languages
Thesis Title: Executable Examples: Empowering Students to Hone Their Problem Comprehension
Current Employer: Amazon Web Services

Yingjie Xue

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Maurice Herlihy
Research Area(s): Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, Distributed Computing, Security and Privacy
Thesis Title: Enabling Cross-Chain Transactions
Current Employer:  Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) 

Georgios Zerveas

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Carsten Eickhoff
Research Area(s): Representation Learning, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval 
Thesis Title: Improving Information Retrieval through Contextual Ranking with Large Language Models  
Current Employer: Microsoft Turing (Redmond, WA)

Kaiyu Zheng

Personal Web Page:
Advisor(s): Stefanie Tellex
Research Area(s): Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
Thesis Title: Generalized Object Search
Current Employer: Research Scientist at Boston Dynamics AI Institute