Course Information

This course is aimed at preparing graduate students and senior undergrads to do advanced work at the intersection of two important and popular fields: computer vision and robotics. The course will focus on the latest advances through lectures, readings, and discussion groups. The lectures and readings will be designed to represent a mix of classical techniques as well as the most recent advances in the two fields. The unique highlight of this course is the inclusion of a practical component: students will have to implement a project that combines computer vision and robotics by using cameras and a real robot arm. Students will form teams for this project and have exclusive access to a camera and a small robot arm both of which can be interfaced with the students' laptops.

Class Time: Tu Th, 10:30am-11:50am / CIT 316 [in-person participation required]
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  • Class starts on Thursday, Jan 26th. The course will require in-person participation.
  • Please register/request override directly on Courses @ Brown with a short note on how you meet the prerequisites. There is no need to email us.

Learning Goals

This course has two main learning goals. Students are expected to actively participate in class including discussions and group activities.

  1. Learn about the state of the art in computer vision and robotics. We will do this by reading a curated list of research papers on relevant topics.
  2. Understand research practice in computer science, with specific focus on the computer vision and robotics communities. We will learn how to effectively read papers, make presentations, critique and discuss research, and do a group research project. The course will also include exercises and a final project with a robot arm.


This is an advanced course primarily meant for graduate students and advanced undergrads. But students at all levels are welcome to participate if they have the necessary preparation. You must have taken one or more of the following courses (or equivalents) before enrolling.

Other Requirements

This class has some additional requirements.

  1. In-person classroom participation is required. This is a discussion-based class and we cannot support hybrid instruction. However, classroom sessions will be recorded for offline viewing.
  2. Please follow the most recent health guidance found on the Healthy Brown website.
  3. You must have a Windows/Mac/Linux laptop to interface with a robot arm. Please reach out to the instructor if you need alternative arrangements.
  4. This course has a final project. Students must use the robot arm in some way for their final project.


If you would like to take this course, please register/request override directly on Courses @ Brown. If you are unsure about the prerequisites, please reach out to the instructor.

Instructor: Srinath Sridhar

Office Hours: Book Appointment

UTA: Rugved Mavidipalli

Email: Rugved Mavidipalli
Office Hours: Th 4pm - 6pm ( Hours )