Haplotype Assembly


Haplotype Phasing

ML and EM algorithms

Fall 2016, Tuesday/Thursday
2:30pm-3:50pm in CIT 241

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An overview of class activities from the class of Fall 2015

course description

This is a full-lecture, graduate course on algorithms and biomedical applications. The Foundations lectures are an introduction to the biological and medical genomics application areas. Each Algorithm section is devoted to an algorithmic method presented in rigorous depth, followed by an important open problem in the application area, together with the current most effective algorithmic solutions to the problem. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates in computational and mathematical sciences and engineering are welcome. Biological, life sciences and medical students and faculty are welcome as well and will be able to participate more in the applications areas. Medical applications areas: autism and mental disease, HIV and preterm birth.

Biology background is not required; biological motivation and background for the problem areas covered in class will be presented in class and further expanded through readings. Although the ideal preparation for students for taking this class would be CSCI2820, computer science and mathematical sciences and engineering graduate students and advanced undergraduates are welcome even if new to the area. Please talk to the professor if unsure if your background is appropriate.


professor: Sorin Istrail
office: CIT 523
email: sorin@cs.brown.edu
office hours: Monday 4:00-5:00pm or by appointment
in my office