Quick Summary

  • This is a PhD-level course focusing on the infrastructure advancements and challenges in the next generation of cloud computing: an environment which moves beyond virtual machines and containers to flexible composition of fine-grained services. We will focus on applications, datacenters, networking, orchestration, monitoring, among other things.
  • Focus on research: read, review and present papers, final research project
  • Graduate students or advanced undergrads (with consent of instructor)
  • Not a traditional networking course (not CSCI1680)

We will use a conference review system (link coming soon!) to post reviews and hold discussions about papers, and Piazza for announcements and general comments / questions. It is mandatory to register for both.


This class is a graduate seminar that focuses on current research topics in networking, distributed, and operating systems. The focus this semester is on advanced networking.

This course is suitable for graduate students and advanced undergraduates in Computer Science or in other disciplines that wanto to understand how recent developments in networking, from technology to policy impact how we use, program, and interact with networks.

The course will consist of a mix of lectures by the instructor and guests, and presentations by the students, followed by discussions. We will read a good number of papers, and students will write reviews of each paper read, before the class in which the paper is discussed.

The other major component of the course is a final research project on a topic related to the course. There is considerable flexibility in the topic of the project, with a preference for topics related to the student's own research if applicable. The projects will preferably be done in groups of two, but individual projects are welcome. The best projects of the course could be turned into research publications with further development.

  • Lecture time: Tu/Th 2:30-3:50
  • Location: Lubrano, CIT


Rodrigo Fonseca

Office: CIT 329, OH by appointment