When reviewing a paper, use the following headings as guidelines. Post the review to your blog up to midnight before class.
Paper TitleTitle
DateDate and/or conference
Novel IdeaDescribe in a sentence or two the new ideas presented in the paper
Main Result(s)Describe in a sentence or two the main results obtained in the paper
ImpactWhat is the importance of these results. What impact might they have on theory or practice of Computer Systems
EvidenceWhat reasoning, demonstration, analytical or empiricial analysis did they use to establish their results
Prior WorkWhat previously established results does it build upon and how
Competitive workHow to the compare their results to related prior or contemporary work
ReproducibilityCould you reproduce the findings? If so, how? If not, why not?
QuestionA question about the work to discuss in class
CriticismA criticism of the work that merits discussion
Ideas for further workDid this paper give you ideas for future work, projects, or connections to other work? (Hint: this is not the paper's Future Work section, write here IF the paper inspired any ideas in you!)