Project Conference (I)

The project conference is a chance for you to present your project to the course, to share your progress, and to collect feedback.

Ideally, you would structure your presentation to hit the following major points:

  1. What's your project's pitch? (Remember that your classmates have not seen the project proposal.)
    I find it helpful to structure a one minute pitch by answering the following three questions in 3-4 sentences:
    1. What problem are you addressing?
    2. Why is it important?
    3. What is your solution, and what's the key idea to make it work?
  2. How are you realizing your solution? What's your approach, architecture, or preliminary design?
  3. How far along are you with the implementation? What problems or hurdles, if any, did you encounter?
  4. Are there any chances (expected or unexpected) that you made to your plan or design?

Each project team will have 6 minutes to present. You may use slides, draw on a virtual whiteboard, or just talk.

Order of presentations

  1. Actionable GDPR Information on Internet Trackers (Sam Boger)
  2. Dataflow Assertions in gRPC (Jonathan, Yingjie, Akshat)
  3. Impact of GDPR Compliance on Machine Learning Models (Sam Thomas, Nam)
  4. Visualizing Web Trackers (Hyun, Rebecca)
  5. GDPR Compliance by Construction (Kinan)
  6. DELF-style DDL and API (Mary)
  7. Cross-website Tracker Visualization Extension (Ragna, Aryan, William)
  8. Multiverse PostgreSQL (Casey)
  9. Framework for Data Tracking across Controllers and Processors (Zhiyuan, Yanzhi, Atlas)