CS1951A | Staff


You may contact the course staff using any of the following:

HTA email: cs1951aheadtas@lists.brown.edu

UTA email: cs1951atas@lists.brown.edu

James Cameron's Avatar: @OfficialAvatar

To email an individual TA, use <login>@cs.brown.edu. Please only email specific TAs for grade complaints. For all other purposes please email the TA list.


Carsten Binnig

Dan Potter

Eli Upfal

Head TAs

Alex Bertsch

Karthik Harihar Reddy Battula

Tiffany Citra


Andreas Karagounis

Colby Tresness

Eden Weizman

Jack Kelly

Jared Cohen

Joey Tran

Michael Xu

Neel Virdy

Vann Ky