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Installing and setting up Python

Official Python 3 tutorial

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python

Online, interactive Python interpreter

Beginner's Python cheatsheet (PDF)

Vector/Matrix operations in numpy

You may also use Codecademy or Learn Python the Hard Way, but neither use Python 3 and are thus not recommended. They may, however, be decent ways of familiarizing yourself with the language.

Course Documents


How can I tell if my iClicker is working?

Your iClicker functions if, when you click the button to answer a question, the light blinks green. If you have not received a grade for it on Canvas, it is possible it is not registered, so check on Canvas to see if it is registered.

How can I sign the collaboration policy?

The answer is in the collaboration policy.

My question isn't here!

Please search Piazza and post a new question if it hasn't already been asked. If it was asked a while ago and there isn't an answer, send us an email or just mention us on the question.