CS1951A | Assignments


Assignments typically go out on a Thursday and are due the next Thursday. Certain situations, like snow days, will change this pattern.

Assignment Out Due
SQL Syntax & Querying January 26 February 7
Web Scraping & Data Cleaning February 7 February 14
MapReduce February 21 March 7
Stats March 7 March 16
Machine Learning March 14 March 22
Data Visualization April 1 April 11
Natural Language Processing April 11 April 18
Deep Learning April 18 April 25
Final Project -- May 10

Final Project

Project groups will work closely with a TA Advisor throughout the semester. The dates for checkins are approximate, and may vary depending on your group's schedule and that of your advisor.

Assignment Due
Pre-proposal Handin February 20
First Check-ins Begin March 2 - March 8
Blog Post I March 15
Midterm Report April 5
Second Check-ins Begin April 12 - April 16
Blog Post II April 19
Poster (for printing) April 29
Final Project Presentations May 2
Blog Post III May 4

We will be providing a complete example project soon. Likewise, we will be posting a number of data sources and project ideas. If you'd like some ideas right now, take a look at Awesome Public Datasets.