CS1951A | Assignments + Labs


Assignments typically go out on a Thursday and are due the next Thursday. Certain situations, like snow days, will change this pattern.

Assignment Out Due
Data Modeling 31 January 10 February
SQL + Relational Algebra 9 February 19 February
Data Integration + Data Warehousing 16 February 24 February
MapReduce 23 February 7 March
D3 14 March 23 March
Statistics + Machine Learning 13 April 27 April
Regression 27 April 4 May
Final Project -- 10 May


Labs are assignments that can help introduce you to a new topic. Labs are submitted just like any other assignment and will come out before their related assignment. Labs are due on Tuesdays.

Assignment Out Due
Potpourri 14 February 21 February
MapReduce 21 February 2 March
D3 7 March 14 March
Machine Learning 21 March 4 April


Project groups will work closely with a TA Advisor throughout the semester. The dates for checkins are approximate, and may vary depending on your group's schedule and that of your advisor. We also have a Google Drive folder containing an overview of the project and some examples.

Assignment Due
Pre-proposal Handin 15 February
Checkins begin 1 March
Blog Post I 8 March
Midterm Report 22 March
Blog Post II 6 April
Final Proposal 12 April
Blog Post III 12 April
Final checkins 18 April
Blog Post IV 25 April
Poster (for printing) 2 May
Final Project Presentations 10 May

We will be providing a complete example project soon. Likewise, we will be posting a number of data sources and project ideas. If you'd like some ideas right now, take a look at Awesome Public Datasets.