Computational Biology: Episode II
		Biologists Rule the World!

Offered M, W 2-3:20pm in CIT345


Apr 30

The final is now up. Turn it in to the CIT 2nd floor handin bin by the stairs that is labeled "CS151/CS195Z". You may find it at the assignments page. If there are any changes to the final you will see them here and in your email.

Apr 16

Homework 3 has been updated. The new version is now posted to the assignments page.

Apr 14

The new Homework 3 is now posted to the assignments page.

Apr 7

Slides have been updated and the Homework 2 solution key is posted to the assignments page.

Mar 19

The second programming assignment, Cluster, has been posted to the Assignments page.

Mar 12

The schedule page is now up-to-date. Email me if there are any errors.

Feb 7

The first programming assignment, Phylogeny, has been posted to the Assignments page.

Jan 28

Homework 1 has been posted to the Assignments page. If you did not receive an email welcoming you to the listserv, please email the TAs at the address in the nav bar to the left.

Jan 26

A more complete Schedule page is now up for your perusal.

Jan 25

Crystal's office hours will be Mondays 12-2 in CIT423. All TA hours are listed on the Staff page.

Jan 25

The readings and slides have been posted to the Schedule page. Please keep up as they are meant to complement lecture. Note bene: CS195Z requires no textbook purchase! Instead, we link to our major readings "P&J" and "Fel" and to other supplementary materials. Look at the bottom of the page for links.

Jan 20

Wednesday, Jan. 21 is the first day of class. So be there!

CSCI1950-Z is a Spring 2009 class that introduces you to three key topics in Computational Biology:

Phylogeny (where stuff comes from)
Functional genomics
Systems biology (primarily using graph models)