Escher Homage

OK, M.C. Escher is awesome. The way I imagine he viewed shapes is astonishing.
Here's an image of a poster of one of Escher's works:

I wanted to see if this algorithm could approximate the transformations that Escher saw and drew.
I captured the images with my camera and above poster that is in my room.
Specifically, I captured part of the 2nd row in the above image,
the bees transforming into birds and the whiteness transforming into fish.

I would really have liked to capture and transform whole columns, to capture the way both
pieces fit together, but the processing time was prohibitive, as is the number of
feature points needing to be specified.

The bee to bird movie (on the left) uses 5 captured images from the poster,
and thus shows 4 distinct morphs.
The fish movie (on the right) only uses 4 images and thus has 3 morphs.
In both movies, there are 60 frames per morph, and the movies pause on the captured images.