Project 2 Writeup

Evan Donahue (emdonahu)
February 17, 2010

This project uses the basic poisson algorithm, making sure to first translate to a reduced basis so that computation is only done on the actual pixels under the mask. The extra credit features mainly represent a hodge podge of extra tools that come into play to greater and lesser degrees on various images. There is no good unified approach to the algorithm, which I can't help but feel unclean about, but it gave results and at the end of the day, you're not as interested in the algorithm as in the BALLAD OF PAT DORAN

Results Images

The jet worked fine. It took bloody forever. For a much cooler jet, scroll down.
YES SIR. This was with transparent gradients on. The actual image is garbage but on the other hand it looks like some sort of futuristic proton jet cruisin on its way to domerock some scrubs back to nowhere
This bear worked so much better than the creepy kraken-bear that you get with just poisson. This is mainly the graph cut coming into play. The girl in the picture was so done either way though so it's sort of a non issue for her. At least now she can die to a less artifacty bear.
This is just straight up transparency gradient in action. The colors bled. A lot. There was no saving this image. CS 195 could have picked a better image to put their logo on because now it looks like students collectively vandalized the message.
Unfortunately, this fade-bow is the best I could do. The normal poisson method retained a huge chunk of sky that made it look like the fist of god was smiting that palm tree with unholy rainbow fury.
Just like Da Vinci imagined it. Another example of poisson accomplishing works of art the human hand could never acheive on its own.

Ballad of Pat Doran

This pictographic story narrates the rise and fall of one of history's most unsung heroes.

This story starts, as all good stories must, with our hero Pat Doran being raised from the seas chaos to be the world's first and only inhabitant. Painted in startling photorealism by the Archangel Gabriel, the stern stoicism evident in Pat's features reflects the nobility of his legendary lineage that the world would later come to know so well.
Cast down from the heavens after the fall, Pat is little more than a wispy banshee trapped in the nightmarish chaos of the yet-to-be-formed world. He also sports a black eye which scholars believe was given to him by Eve for an off color comment.
Fastforward endless millenia, painted just moments before the famous painting "The Last Supper," this startling image captures Pat in his archetypal "trickster-figure" incarnation pulling the old switch-a-roo with his seat at the last supper to avoid the Romans. When centurions would later batter down the door, Christ would be accidentally mistaken for Pat.
This picture captures Pat ostensibly beaming into the crossing of the Delaware. The Brits didn't stand a chance against the combined might of the American rebels and the Federation Starfleet.
This story finally comes to an end during the French revolution, when Pat was tragically trampled by the figurative incarnation of French liberty. RIP Pat.