CSCI-1680, Spring 2011: Computer Networks

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CSCI 1680 is an undergraduate course in computer networks. We will cover the technologies supporting the Internet, from Ethernet and WiFi through the routing protocols that govern the flow of traffic, and the web technologies that are generating most of it. A major concern is understanding the protocols used on the Internet: how they work, their shortcomings, what the issues are, and what improvements are on the horizon.

Prerequisites: CSCI 0320, CSCI 0360, or consent of the instructor.

Course Staff

Use to e-mail the course staff. Please use this address for all course-related questions unless you have a reason to speak only with a specific TA or with the professor.


Rodrigo Fonseca CIT 329 Mon 2-4pm

Teaching Assistants

NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
HTA: Son Nguyen Fishbowl Mon 5-7PM
UTA: Osmar Olivo Fishbowl Fri 7-9PM
GTA: Andrew Ferguson Fishbowl Wed 3-5PM

Course Policies

Collaboration Policy

The collaboration policy is available as a handout. You must print, read, and sign the collaboration policy before returning it to a TA so that you can receive credit for the assignments.

Incomplete Policy

Incompletes are granted only under exceptional circumstances (e.g. severe illness, death in the family, kidnapping, etc.; too heavy of a course load is not sufficient reason for an incomplete). Getting a dean to certify your reason for requesting an incomplete helps, but is not sufficient.

Late Policy

Everyone is allowed a total of 3 days lateness on assignments (homeworks and programs together) free of charge. Beyond that, you are penalized 25% of the assignment's value for each day it is late (but you will not be penalized for more than the assignment's value).

Creative Commons License

All materials in this course are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

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