CSCI 1460 : Introduction to Computational Linguistics

CSCI 1460 is taught by Professor Eugene Charniak (ec).
Lectures are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 to 2:50PM in CIT 368.

To contact the TAs, please email


Out Due
Warmup Mon, Jan 28 Fri, Feb 1
Parse Reranker, Part 1 Wed, Jan 30 Wed, Feb 6
Parse Reranker, Part 2 Wed, Feb 6 Wed, Feb 13
How to Train Your DRAGGN Wed, Feb 13 Web, Feb 27
Open Vocab Translation Wed, Feb 27 Mon, Mar 11
Open Vocab++ Translation Tue, Mar 12 Mon, Mar 18
ZeroShot Mon, Mar 18 Wed, Apr 3
Transformer Mon, Apr 8 Fri, Apr 19
BERT Mon, Apr 22 Fri, May 3


Date Topic Announcements Readings
Wed, 23th Jan Introduction
Fri, 25th Jan Parsing
Mon, 28th Jan Parsing Out: Warmup Parsing as Language Modeling
Wed, 30th Jan Parsing Out: Parse Reranker 1
Fri, 1st Feb Parsing Due: Warmup Recurrent Neural Network Grammar
Mon, 4th Feb Parsing
Wed, 6th Feb Parsing Due: Parse Reranker 1
Out: Parse Reranker 2
Sequential Parsing with
In Order Tree Traversals
Fri, 8th Feb Parsing
Mon, 11th Feb Parsing Grammar as a Foreign Language
Wed, 13th Feb Parsing Due: Parse Reranker 2
Out: How to Train Your DRAGGN
Fri, 15th Feb Semantic Parsing A Tale of Two DRAGGNs
Mon, 18th Feb No class
Wed, 20th Feb Semantic Parsing
Fri, 22th Feb Machine Translation Neural Machine Translation
of Rare Words with Subword Units
Mon, 25th Feb Machine Translation
Wed, 27th Feb Machine Translation Due: How to Train Your DRAGGN
Out: Open Vocab Translation
Google's Multilingual Neural
Machine Translation System
Fri, 1st Mar Machine Translation
Mon, 4th Mar Attention Attention Is All You Need
Wed, 6th Mar Attention
Fri, 8th Mar Attention
Mon, 11th Mar Attention Due: Open Vocab Translation
Out: Open Vocab++
Wed, 13th Mar Attention
Fri, 15th Mar Attention
Mon, 18th Mar Attention Due: Open Vocab++
Out: ZeroShot
Wed, 20th Mar Attention Language Models are
Unsupervised Multitask Learners
Fri, 22th Mar Attention
Mon, 25th Mar Holiday!
Wed, 27th Mar Holiday!
Fri, 29th Mar Holiday!
Mon, 1st Apr Attention
Wed, 3rd Apr Attention Due: ZeroShot
Fri, 5th Apr Attention
Mon, 8th Apr Lab Out: Transformer
Wed, 10th Apr Lab
Fri, 12th Apr Lab Due: Transformer (1st Checkpoint)
Mon, 15th Apr Lab Due: Transformer (2nd Checkpoint)
Wed, 17th Apr Lab
Fri, 19th Apr Lab Due: Transformer (3rd Checkpoint)
Mon, 22th Apr Current Models Out: BERT BERT: Pre-Training of Deep
Bidirectional Transformers for
Language Understanding
Wed, 24th Apr Current Models
Fri, 26th Apr Current Models Due: BERT (1st Checkpoint)

TA Hours

Name Login Hours Location
Eugene Charniak (Professor) ec By Appointment CIT 419
Andrew Kim (HTA) ykim81 Tue 10 PM - 12 AM CIT 227
Philip Xu jx24 Tue 8 PM - 10 PM CIT 227
Valeria Tiourina vtiourin Mon 6 PM - 8 PM CIT 227
Zachary Horvitz zhorvitz Wed 8 PM - 10 PM CIT 227
Wanxin Cai wcai5 Thu 4 PM - 6 PM CIT 227