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Final Paper & Poster #

Collaboration: Group assignment
Completion: About 16 hours (split among multiple team members)
Deadline: Monday Apr. 22, 2024 (11:59PM ET)
Latest handout version: CS1380:2024:report
GitHub repo:

The project report will describe the end-to-end system developed throughout the semester, and will have the form of a short research paper. The goal is to reflect on the entire project, understand the strengths and weaknesses of several design decisions, collect and interpret several results, discuss these results with your peers, and disseminate this information to a broader audience — similarly to all the papers we have seen during the semester. In the process, students will also witness the process of writing a small research paper — e.g., introducing a problem and its importance, discussing a system’s design and implementation and how they address key challenges, and characterizing a system across several dimensions.

As part of the report, students are expected to collaborate effectively — including comparing and contrasting their approaches to different milestones, thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of their respective approaches, and reflecting on their learning.