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Milestone 6: Cloud Deployment #

Collaboration: Group milestone
Completion: About 40+ hours (split among multiple team members)
Deadline: Monday Apr. 22, 2024 (11:59PM ET)
Latest handout version: CS1380:2024:M6

This final milestone is all about composing, finessing, and deploying your end-to-end search engine on distributed cloud infrastructure: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) nodes from Amazon Web Services (AWS). For this milestone, students will be working in groups, combining best-of-breed implementations, considering additional trade-offs, and tuning several subsystems appropriately to offer a system that is deployed and runs on the cloud. Each group will evaluate and characterize their end-to-end system using relevant workloads, write a paper that reports on the group’s findings, and present a poster that summarizes the group’s findings.

For this milestone, all of the code developed and submitted must come from the team members — i.e., students cannot use any existing solutions or obfuscated code. The integration of several components, the deployment on AWS, and the characterization of the system all require significant effort — thus all should be done early and tested/repeated frequently.