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CSCI 1300

user interfaces and user experience

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TTh 1:00pm - 2:20pm

Have you ever walked into a door thinking that you were supposed to pull instead of push? Have you ever been stuck on a website, not sure how to proceed next? Learn when to use different interfaces, how to model and represent user interaction, how to elicit requirements and feedback from users, as well as the principles of user experience design, methods for designing and prototyping interfaces, and user interface evaluation. Students interested in both learning the process behind building an effective interface and gaining hands-on experience designing a user interface should take this course. There will be assignments, readings, and studios, where students will have the opportunity to work alongside TAs and interact with industry guests as they learn critical tools for interface and web design.



We strongly recommend bookmarking this schedule, as this contains all information regarding assignments, lectures, studios, and readings.

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jeff has been teaching cs 1300 for 8 years ever since its inception. he’s studying cs and is an amateur farmer👨‍🌾, plays keyboard in a local band, and holds the world record for tech internships!


hiiii, i'm sarah! i'm a senior studying astrophysics and cs. i love to do crosswords, drink coffee, cook/bake (guess what i did in quarantine woo), ski, and make art:) can't wait to meet you all!!


Hi there, I'm Laura! I'm a senior studying computer science and ~unofficially~ design. I'm also a proud Rhode Islander 🌊⚓! When I'm not in line at PVDonuts, I enjoy logic puzzles and wholesome baking shows :)


Hello I'm Talie. I'm a PhD student working with Jeff on building systems to improve mental health. You are welcome and encouraged to come ask me for weird bird facts at any time.


Ciao, I’m Michael. I was raised in Cleveland, and I’m a sophomore dabbling into CS, physics, music, and Italian. I used to play video games professionally (Destiny) and still play casually today!


Hi I’m Felicia! I’m a senior studying Cognitive Science from Long Island. I love anything and everything that has to do with sharks & a big fan of any food that’s spicy.


Hi! I'm Gabby and I'm a senior studying CS and Art History. I'm an Animal Crossing villager (come visit Outside!) and a big fan of oat milk in coffee.


hi! i'm sophia, a senior studying cs and applied math. im a big fan of anime, kdramas and cdramas, and pushing my americano consumption to its daily limits :^).


Hi, I'm Ifechi! I'm a junior studying CS & APMA. I enjoy fitness challenges, binge-watching TV, and eating interesting foods!


Hi, I'm Ndunge! I'm a junior from Pittsburgh studying CS and Religious Studies. I love all things music and all things food (:


Hi guys! I'm Miranda, a junior studying CS. I'm a beginning pole dancer and Chinese snack enthusiast (latiao anyone?).


Hey everyone, my name is Stanley and I'm a senior studying CS and Music! Normally you can find me drinking coffee and anxious about society, but in my free time, I like to play video games and watch TV. I'm excited to be a part of your UI/UX experience! :D


Proud parent of a thriving basil plant.🌱


Hi, I'm Minna! I'm a senior studying APMA & CS. I enjoy drawing, eating toast with Kalles Kaviar, and knowing nearly everything there is to know about Pokemon. 😄✌


Is this course capped?

For Fall 2020 we expect to cap the course at about 100 students for now, but are looking to see if increasing this cap is compatible with our current plans. If you have not been contacted by us, then please wait for the shopping period to sign up for the waitlist after the first day of class, which is also when we will announce if we can increase the cap.

Is there a waitlist for the course?

We will set up a waitlist after the first day of class, which we will announce in class, and over email to students with the course in their cart, as well as post on the course website. At that time we'll know whether we can increase the cap a bit, so will be in a better position to organize the waitlist. The information about the waitlist will be sent over email to students with this course in their cart, announced in the first day of class, and posted on the website. Decisions about the waitlist will be made within 24 hours of the waitlist deadline.

Are there prerequisites for the course?

This course requires one of the intro CS sequences (CS15/16, CS17/18, or CS19); you may request an override for the prerequisites by sending a link to a github repository of work you did demonstrating use of object-oriented programming, data structures, and functional programming concepts. If you are on the waitlist, then include the link there in the question field that asks for it. Graduate students that have taken courses that cover these topics should note that on the waitlist form.

Will this course be online or in-person?

Online. Lectures will be live online and also available as videos, and studios will be virtual. Our current plan is to have lecture videos accessible to any student from Brown (and linked from the course schedule above) so those not enrolled in the course can view them. We are planning to have studios at different times (listed as lab hours), so please select a lab hour suitable for your time zone.

Will this course be synchronous or asynchronous?

The course will be synchronous but lectures will be recorded, and studios will be offered synchronously but at multiple times. In-class activities can be completed at your convenience later if you are not in class. There will be a studio (lab) time for remote students where the time will be determined after registration to accommodate students from different timezones.

What will studios be like?

Students sign up for studios by selecting the corresponding lab hour when registering. The studio lab hours will be outside regular lecture hours. TAs will have an activity prepared for students in studio, and will be around to give feedback to students during this time. Students are welcome to work collaboratively on the studio activities. Work done in studios may be good starters for your portfolio.

Can I take this course as a non-CS concentrator or incoming first-year student?

Usually we have CS 0130 which is designed for non-concentrators and has no prerequistes. However, this year we are only offering CS 1300, but you may still enroll in CS 1300 if you satisfy those even as a non-CS concentrator or online first-year student.

Can I take this course as a RISD student?

Usually our course accomodates many RISD students (over 50 RISD students took CS 0130 in Fall 2019); this year we are not offering CS 0130 so RISD students should meet the same prerequisites as Brown students to take CS 1300.

I will miss class on [date]. Can I be excused?

We do not take class attendance or deduct points for missing class, so there's no need to contact the course stuff. In-class activities can be completed at your convenience later if you are not in class.

Can I take the course as a capstone?

Yes, for a capstone, you should extend an assignment into something that has substantial development and design components and release it. For instance, you could take your Iterative Design prototype and build it fully to the point where it's a deployable app. This can be done as a group, but the amount of work should be proportional to the group size. Both juniors and seniors may take CS 1300 for a capstone. Only the online capstone form needs to be filled out, which you should already have received via email from the department earlier in September. The capstone can be done anytime in the semester, until the end of winter break.

Will there be a textbook for the course?

No, all readings will be available on this website.

Will there be a final exam?

No, you will complete a portfolio for your final assignment.

When is the last day I have to come to class?

It would be the last day listed on the schedule above.


A huge thank you to all of the guests that have volunteered their time for lectures, critiques, and portfolio reviews. This course wouldn't be the same without you!

Aaditya Ailawadhi

Arielle Chapin

Tiffany Chen

Gifford Cheung

Vanessa Cho

Hannah Chow


Julia Davids

Zach Deocadiz

Andrew Evans


Giana Giancarlo

Alex Hadik

Catherine Hong

Avalon Hu


Clara Kliman-Silver

Nikolas Klein

Sharon Lo

Dominique Moore

Marlena Morshead

Emily Noffsinger

Marc Sasinski


Hyemi Song


Jessica J. Tran


Aobo Zhou