Final Project

elinor fung (eyfung)
cs129: Computational Photography

So, I had originally proposed digital refocussing as my final project. However, I never quite got it to work properly. This made me sad. Because I wanted to at least make something that somewhat worked, I also implemented image deformation. The pages for my results from each are linked to below.

Digital Refocussing

Digital refocussing attempts to automatically change the focus of a pre-existing photograph by estimating the original blur, reconstructing a sharpened image, and then selectively blurring the sharpened image based on a user-selected point of focus.

Image Deformation

Based on a set of control points or lines, and their desired new coordinates, an image can be deformed through transformation each point on a grid over the image, and then interpolating to find the values of every pixel of the deformed image.