Database Management Systems

Welcome to CSCI1270!

The concepts you will learn in this class include aspects of database design, database languages, and database-system implementation. The course textbook is Database Systems Concepts, Sixth Edition by Silberschatz, Korth, and Sudarshan. ISBN: 0073523321. The course is every Monday and Wednesday, 3:00-4:20, MacMillan Hall 115. The first class is on Wednesday, September 6th 2017. Stop on by!


  • Querying the Textbook

    Use a small app we built to query the textbook databases here.

  • TA Hour Policy

    You may not sign up for hours before the TA has arrived and the TA (not a student) has started a list. All TAs are instructed that if a list is already on the board when they arrive at hours to erase it and start with the people already there waiting. This is to prevent students from signing up for hours well before they begin.

    If you arrive to TA hours before the TA has arrived, you may begin an informal list to document the order in which people who are already there waiting have arrived so that they may be put on the TA's list in the correct order. This is not the list that the TAs will follow. When the TA arrives on hours, you may copy the informal list over to the list that the TAs will follow. You must be present when the TA arrives to put your login on the hours list.

    In particular, you may not come to the room TA hours are scheduled to be in before a TA has arrived, leave your login with a 'z' anywhere on the board, return to the sunlab, and expect to be called shortly to hours. Instead expect your login to be erased and forgotten.

    After signing up, it is your responsibility to check the zwrite message via accessing to a department machine. If a TA zwrites you and get no response for 3 minutes, your login will be erased.

    This is a Brown CS Department policy, not a CS127 policy.