Homework Policy

September 2015

Collaboration Policy

We will not grade your homeworks until you sign and turn in your collaboration policy. CSCI0931 strives to maintain a balance between collaborative learning and individual assessment. The collaboration policy is built to reflect this. Its purpose is to ensure that students are actively thinking, working, and participating in the class, while also allowing students to discuss core course concepts.

All assignments will have a preface explaining what is acceptable collaboration for the assignment. It is your responsibility to read and understand this preface and contact the course staff if you are in any way uncertain of its meaning.

Homework Handins and Proper File Sharing

IMPORTANT: For the first third of this course you will be working with files on Google Drive. This makes everyone's life easier, since you don't need to worry about losing data, and we don't need to teach different leesons for Macs and Windows PCs. Also, you can share files with us for these lessons, instead of having to email documents, which is nice.

To handin a Google Drive file, name it according to whatever we asked in the assigment, and share that with cs0931handinfall2015@gmail.com

Late Homework

Late homeworks will receive a penalty of 10 percentage points per day, so learn to start early. Handins that are later than 5 days will earn a maximum of 50%. Additionally, you must submit all homeworks and projects in order to receive credit for this course.

Falling behind on homework will make it harder for you to complete future in-class activities, homeworks, and projects. It also interferes in the grading process, because all handins are graded at the same time by the course staff. With that in mind, the grade of 0 will appear in the grade sheet until the homework is graded.


A request for an extension must be made to the instructor at least 24 hours before the due date. Extensions may be requested on homeworks and projects. Only the instructor can grant extensions, so please do not ask for an extension from the TA staff. Extensions are only granted for good reasons. Illness (with a note from health services) is always a good reason.

Homework Grades

If you find that we have made an error or believe too many points have been taken off on a homework, please come to the hours of whoever graded that problem.

If there was a simple arithmetic mistake or if the TA misgraded the problem so that the given grade is inconsistent with the established rubric, you will receive points back immediately. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the TA may refer you to the HTA (or the professor) or consult with an HTA her/himself and get back to you by email.

Each assignment is worth a different number of points. Assignments due on Thursday tend to be smaller than assignments due on Tuesday and are therefore, worth less points. If you believe not enough points have been given on a project, please contact the instructor by email or during office hours.

Remember that the course staff (instructor, teaching assistants, and professors) are all available to you during their office hours, as outlined on the Staff page. If you have any questions or concerns, play it safe and either meet with a TA during scheduled TA hours or send an email to the course staff: cs0931tas@lists.cs.brown.edu.