Remote learning in CSCI 0112

In line with Brown’s policies on remote learning for Spring 2020, we’re making a number of changes to CS112’s structure and policies. These changes supersede the course missive.


Lecture will be held remotely via Zoom; information about the Zoom meeting will be posted in Campuswire. Lectures and notes will also be posted to the course website.


Labs will transition to a more lecture-based format, while retaining the emphasis on hands-on experience. There will be a hand-in associated with each lab; hand-ins are graded on completion, and are due each Tuesday at 9pm. Students who attend lab should expect to complete the hand-in during lab. For students who miss lab, we will post a recording and expect students to complete the hand-in on their own.

The previous lab attendance policy still applies, but applies instead to lab hand-ins. For instance, students who missed one lab before the break can now miss one hand-in without penalty.


The original plan was to have 3 in-class quizzes during the semester; we did Quiz 1 on February 19. The remaining two quizzes are canceled.

The quizzes were originally 15% of the overall course grade. Rather than make the first quiz count for 15% on its own, we will distribute this 15% as follows:

  • The first quiz will count for 5%
  • The final project will count for 20% (instead of 15%)
  • Labs and the canvas drills (both graded on completion) will each count for 12.5% instead of 10%

Project 3

We have one more project scheduled (in addition to the final project, discussed below). We recognize that it may be difficult for students to effectively collaborate remotely on programming assignments, and are therefore modifying the structure (and content) of Project 3. Specifically:

  • You will still have a partner for this project. We are, however, relaxing the restriction on project partners: you may work with the same person you worked with on Project 1 or Project 2. You may also, if you like, work alone or in a group of 3.
  • As with previous projects, Project 3 will have a design phase and an implementation phase. There will be a mandatory hand-in for the design check, as well as optional in-person meetings with TAs. You should hand in one design check for your whole project team.
  • The implementation phase will be completed individually rather than collaboratively: each project partner should implement Project 3 on their own. When implementing Project 3, students should follow the course’s collaboration policy: in particular, they may discuss the project’s design with other students, but should not share their code (including with their project partners).

Final project

The final project will proceed more or less as previously planned. Students will design and implement their final projects in groups of 1-3. The goal should be to demonstrate a good understanding of several of the concepts we have learned in CSCI 112. Final projects will culminate in a short write-up and a presentation over Zoom. More details about final projects will be released later in April.