Welcome to CSCI 0112 - Computing Foundations: Program Organization!

Meeting time and Location: MWF, 1-1:50PM in MacMillan Hall 115.

CS0112 is the second course of a new introductory Computer Science sequence at Brown University for both concentrators and non-concentrators. We want to provide our students with a strong foundation in object oriented programming and program organization, in addition to giving students the tools to be successful and confident in tackling any project they desire to pursue.

In this course, you will learn object oriented practices and ideas along with foundational computer science algorithms through essential programming, data structures and data science applications, alongside other big ideas in computing. We use two different programming languages, Python and Scala, to help students learn to approach concepts from different perspectives.

The course assumes you’ve taken the first course of this intro sequence, CS0111 - Computing Foundations: Data, in order to be able to register. Please look into taking CS0111 if this course interests you–it is offered both fall and spring semesters!


  • There will be in-class quizzes on February 19, March 18, and April 15.
  • We have updated the course’s structure and policies for remote learning; see this document for details!