Welcome to CSCI 0112 - Computing Foundations: Program Organization!

Meeting time and Location: MWF, 1-1:50PM over Zoom

CSCI 0112 builds on the data-focused programming introduced in CSCI 0111. Students will learn how to structure their programs so that subproblems can be solved in isolation. We will discuss several algorithms–abstract descriptions of computations–and students will get practice implementing working programs from these abstract descriptions. We will continue our study of data organization, covering several new ways of storing and accessing information. We will also continue to discuss program efficiency; students will learn how to reason about the performance of their programs. Finally, like CSCI 0111, CSCI 0112 will foreground the ethical considerations programmers must think about when developing software.

CSCI 0112 meets on Zoom every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm.