CS111-2018: Final Exam Prep Guide

Our final will be on Friday, Dec 14 from 9-noon in Barus & Holley 168.

Roughly, we want to check whether you can frame data-facing questions at a high level, use code to compute answers to questions, and test or sanity check programs and their results. We also want to check whether you understand how the code constructs we used this semester work, and when to use those constructs.

What should you expect?

What can you bring?

You may bring one sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper with notes (handwritten or typed) written on both sides. The exam is otherwise closed notes/closed book. You may not share notes with others during the exam.

What you are expected to know


Data structures


Working with Data

What you are NOT expected to know

This list may grow as people ask clarifying questions about the exam

What kinds of problems might you get?

Note that these are kinds of questions you’ve done across homeworks, labs, and drills. Reviewing your work on these, or perhaps redoing some of the drills, might be good ways to prepare for the exam.