Message of the day

Sep 26

There is a new moderated mailing list that is reserved exclusively for posting paper reviews:


Please use this list to send your reviews and nothing else.


Sep 20

Tomorrow's agenda:


* Teri Rueb (of Digital Media@RISD) will come and describe her relevant project - the following document provides an overview:


* We will talk about various project ideas and assign people to projects.


From what I have seen, people seem to be interested in four classes of projects:

  1) cool sensor network queries

  2) multiple cameras

  3) robots

  4) web feeds


Please think about which project you'd like to participate in and be prepared to pitch your ideas (if you have any).


* I'll talk about basic distributed sytems concepts as a refresher.

-- ugur


Sep 16

The paper assignments are up on the web page. Please check your name; each of you should be assigned two papers. If you see a problem with your assignment, let me know.

Sep 11

This week, we will see a couple of demos and talk about some project ideas. We will have a guest, Teri Rueb of the Department of Digital Media at RISD, who will also make a pitch for a project idea.

Sep 11

The paper list is now online. Please send a list of 5-10 papers that you are interested in presenting, ranked in preference order. If you don't have specific paper preferences, alternatively you can send me a list of session topics.

Sep 6

Welcome to CS 295-1! The class will be held during the N hour in CIT 506. Check here frequently for updates.
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