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Basic Information

Time: N Hour (Wed 3:00-5:30pm )

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CS 32 (or equivalent).


Course Credits

bullet Ph.D.: either Area C (Operating Systems) or Area G (Databases).
bullet Sc.M. : Practice course and significant programming course.



Sensor networks combine sensing, computing, actuation, and communication in a single infrastructure that allows us to observe and respond to phenomena in the physical and cyber world. The sensors range from tiny “smart dusts”, to dime-sized RFID tags, to large-scale platforms of weather sensors.


This course is intended for students who are interested in learning about the design and development of sensor-based systems. The course will primarily cover the state of the art in designing and building such systems, primarily focusing on issues and challenges that revolve around the management and processing of sensor data. However, the students will be exposed to a diverse literature on sensor-based systems, as understanding and contributing to this exciting new area requires one to be well-versed in various topics, including mobile and wireless networking and distributed systems.


The course will consist of lectures by the instructor and technical paper presentations and discussions by the participants. The course will also include a major programming project component where participants will build sensor-based applications.



Participation  10%
Assignments 10%
Presentations 25%
Project  55%




Platforms, tools, and abstractions


Infrastructure setup

Data dissemination

Storage and processing