Ground Rules

bullet Complete the evaluation form below for the papers marked with a "*", and e-mail them class mailing list ( by noon on the meeting day. The subject line should read "Review: 'paper name'" (e.g., "Review: Data aggregation in sensor networks"). Be brief and to the point in your evaluations.
bullet Your evaluations will be graded on a scale of [0,2]. The default grade is 1. If you do an extraordinary, very insightful review, you will get 2. If I think that you didn't make an effort to understand the paper or that you missed a key aspect, you will get 0.
bullet Incomplete and late evaluations will not get any credit.
bullet You will be graded by your top-10 evaluations: I will evaluate all your submissions, rank them by score, and use the top 10 for determining the final grade.

Paper Evaluation Form

bullet Paper name.
bullet Reviewer name.
bullet Summarize the paper (no more than five sentences).
bullet State the primary contribution of the paper (no more than three sentences).
bullet State the most important strengths of the paper (no more than three; each in a single sentence).
bullet State the most important limitations of the paper (no more than three; each in a single sentence).
bullet Rate the significance of the paper (on a scale of five) and justify your decision (no more than three sentences).
              5    Breakthrough
              4    Significant contribution
              3    Modest contribution
              2    Weak contribution
              1    No contribution
bullet State a research question/issue the paper leaves open (no more than three sentences).