CSCI 2531: Internet and Web Algorithms

Instructor: Eli Upfal

When: TuTh 1-2:20
Where: CIT 506


Graduate course/seminar focuses on the mathematical foundations of algorithms for handling large amounts of data over networks. We'll read and discuss recent papers in information retrieval, search engines, link analysis, probabilistic modeling of the web and social networks, and more.

Presented Papers

Last Update: 04/22

If you are presenting a paper not listed here, please send an email with the title of the paper and a link to it to Matteo,

Most titles and links of proposed papers can be found in the Collection below, but check whether the link is working before sending it. Thanks.

Searching, Ranking, and Crawling

The Structure of the Web Graph

Small World

Deep Web

Collection of Papers

(Some links may be broken. Working on that)

Searching, Ranking, and Crawling

Sampling and the Web

Small World