PST Demo - Technical information about this applet

This demo is written in Java and uses Adam Doppelt's sprites package and graph editor as well as a port of leda's priority search tree.




Parameters the applet understands

NameData TypeDescriptionDefault
imagebaseurlthe base url of point imagesCODEBASE + mjr/pstree/images/
graphbaseurlthe base url of graph filesCODEBASE + mjr/pstree/graphs/
save_cgiurlthe url of the save_as cgi processing script
backgroundurlthe absolute location of background imageCODEBASE + mjr/pstree/images/wheat.gif
unvisited{blue|yellow|red|magenta|green|cyan}color of unvisited pointsblue
success{blue|yellow|red|magenta|green|cyan}color of success pointsmagenta
failure{blue|yellow|red|magenta|green|cyan}color of failure pointscyan
leftedge[0-255],[0-255],[0-255]red, green, and blue components of left edge colorblack
rightedge[0-255],[0-255],[0-255]red, green, and blue components of right edge colorred
search[0-255],[0-255],[0-255]red, green, and blue components of search box colordarkGray
median[0-255],[0-255],[0-255]red, green, and blue components of median line coloryellow
debugbooleantoggles debugging informationfalse

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