Gradescope Handin Instructions

  1. Create a Gradescope account by following the instructions on the email sent to you by the TAs at the beginning of the year. (If you haven't received one yet, email the TA list and let them know!)
  2. Try to format your handin so that each answer to a problem is put on its own page. In other words, if there are four problems on the homework, your handin should consist of four pages: the first page containing the solution for the first problem, the second page for the second problem, and so on. While Gradescope can accept handins whose number of pages != homework number of pages, it will make the TA's lives easier during grading.
  3. Log in to your Gradescope account and click on the corresponding assignment. Then upload your solution according to the format specified above.
  4. If you run into trouble with any of the steps above, see a TA on hours (all hours are posted on the calendar) or email If for some reason you are unable to upload your assignment on Gradescope, and you are unable to reach the TAs, and you have only a few minutes left till the deadline, you may email your solution to However, this should always be your last resort; we reserve the right to deduct points for this kind of handin.

    Additional note on handins

    do not put your name or CS login anywhere on your submissions. The only identifying piece of information on your handin should be your Brown ID. We reserve the right to deduct 20% of the points from these type of handins.