4 Late Policy

As a general rule, we do not accept late handins, for several reasons:
  • Some lectures are designed to exploit the fact that you’ve just finished an assignment and may show you the solution right afterwards. Once we’ve shown the solution, there may not be much left for you to do.

  • Because assignments are back-to-back, a late handin will cause work to overlap with subsequent assignments, making it difficult to catch up.

  • Dealing with late homeworks fragments the time of the course staff, which affects our other responsibilities; or, we have to put off all grading until the late assignments come in, which is unfair to the students who turned in on time.

The deadline is set so that you can finish work in the evening, turn in your material, and still get a good night’s sleep so you are awake and alert for class.

Our times are always in CITMT, i.e., CIT Meridian Time.

The course has enough homeworks that missing one or two is not going to make an enormous difference to your course grade. It also has so many that you do not want to fall behind. Therefore, if you miss a deadline, catch up with the content (through class or talking to course staff), and move on.