Implementing Python (Part 3)

Congratulations! You've made it to the home stretch. For this third iteration of implementing Python, you will continue to build upon your previous work. There is little more to cover here than in the previous assignment; just continue to work on your previous designs toward compliance with the test suite.

What to Turn In

As with the last assignment, you will need to turn in any Racket files used in your Python implementation, along with a single README file that explains how your code is structured and your design choices, all in a single zip file. We also ask that you submit the README separately as well, just to make our lives easier if we need quick access to it.

There's no signed grading binary for this assignment. Submit both your code and a grade report (generated with --progress-report). Double check to make sure that your solution, when unzipped, runs correctly on the department machines, and doesn't depend on anything in your home directory. Check under a partner's account, for instance, to make sure that you don't have any local dependencies.

Submit your code, grade report, and README (only one handin necessary per group) via this handin form, and rejoice in the completion of your final assignment.