Welcome to CSCI 1250

In this course you will be introduced to the process of making a short computer animated film from beginning to end. It's super fun and usually a lot of work. To learn more about the course, click on Course Missive. Also check out the CS125 FAQs.

First Class Meeting

The course is capped at 20 students and requires an application which will open close to the first day of classes. You must also attend the first class in order to have your application considered. Make sure to put this course in your shopping cart to get email updates about the course. Selection criteria include class seniority, previous related experience, and enthusiasm. We aim to create a diverse class so there is no one thing that assures acceptance.


There are no fixed prerequisites for the class, but we like to see demonstrated in-depth background in computer science, computer graphics, a related area like filmmaking, or in some aspect of visual art. Your background does not have to be from a formal course, but you will have to explain or demonstrate it. If you have an online portfolio or website, you can provide a link in your application. This is not necessary, but can give us a better picture of you. In the mean time, you can read about the course in the missive and syllabus.