Homework 3-1

Due April 9, 2013, 2:25 pm

Task 1

For the first part of this assignment, we will review and practice Python skills by doing a lot simple tasks which cultimate in a function that encrypts a message. Complete these tasks by answering the questions and filling out the stencil code in HW3-1.py. You will find instructions in the form of comments.

The idea of this simple encryption scheme is this: You keep a secret number, called n. You take a message, and change each letter to a new one that is n letter(s) ahead of it on the alphabet (wrapping around to A if you go past Z). For example, encrypting

"to be or not to be"
using number 1 will give you
"up cf ps opu up cf"

To decrypt a message, someone will need to know your secret number, and reverse this process.

Task 2

A random guessing game consists of 100 coin flips. The score is the number of heads. For this part, you want to answer the question: if I play this game 1000 times, what percentage of times do I get a score higher than 62? Write a function called coinflipper() to answer this question. Put it at the bottom of your HW3-1.py file.

Here are steps to guide you through the process of answering this question. If you are confident enough, you should try to break the task down into steps yourself.



Rename your program file to YourName_HW3-1.py and email it to cs0931handin@gmail.com.